Cake Starting Just At Rupees 399 For Any Occasion

You know for being happy, you don’t need to have lots of money. You know, what is needed, people with whom we can celebrate. I know you must be thinking, it is just rubbish. But I am telling this is not rubbish talk. It can be possible, you just need to find an occasion. Don’t worry, I am not crazy and this is true. If I ask about the guest list at the birthday party, and anniversary of the party. Who will be the first member of your guest list?  If you ask me then it will be cake. Because none of the occasion is complete without a cake. Especially nowadays don’t matter it is a newborn baby celebration or anything. I know cakes are raising the price day by day. So today, I am going to share some cakes, that start with just 399 ripped.  And you can get it from Bloomsvilla, you just need to order online.

Dark Forest Cake 

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You know this is one of the all-time favorite cake. And I tell you a secret why it is favorite. First because of its taste, and second because of its price. This cake can be fit in every budget. If you are living in a city like Bangalore. You just need to order online. Because Bloomsvilla does cake delivery in Bangalore

Colors of Sky

Don’t be confused, it is a Rainbow cake. But I love to call it the sky of colors. If someone is a color lover, the universe lover. If someone who loves to put lots of colors. Then this is a perfect cake for that person’s party.  If you are looking for your kid’s birthday party, then this is a good idea. You can order cakes online, for this, you just need to go on the Bloomsvilla website that’s it.  This beautiful rainbow cake also starts from rupees 399.

Flowery Fondant Cake

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This is such a beautiful and lavish cake.  You know this can make any boring party exciting. And believe me, this flowery fondant cake will make your party lavish. Fondant cake is already in trend. So I don’t need to tell anything about it. Its design makes it eye-catching and gorgeous. So if you are ordering this cake, be ready to answer your guest questions. I mean, they will definitely from where you get this lavish cake. It will be the crown of your party.

Homemade Touch Cake

If you are planning for a date with your better half or girlfriend.  And you want to make her feel homely. Then this is best for you. It is one of the most romantic cake. Red Velvet the cake is now so common, but this is adorable. If you want to impress your cake. Then you can order this cake. He or she will think that you baked for him or her. And your crush definitely going to be impressed with you. 

Vanilla with the touch of colors

Vanilla is one of the most demandable cake. The vanilla flavor cake is loved by everyone and everywhere.  If you don’t know someone’s taste , you can order this. If you want to make it simple, you can order this. If you to make some surprise you can order this. This means it is just like spring season, everyone’s favorite.  And you can order it on any occasion. Whatever, your budget will be suitable for you. Because this cake also starts at rupees 399.

Chocolate with the touch of Orange

Chocolate is the most favorite flavor cake for most of people. Especially, it is popular with kids and some big kids like me. It tastes enhances a thousand times when the orange team up with it. Again this cake also starts with rupees 399. This is a crystal clear chocolate flavor cake. And the touch of orange makes it tastier. If you are avoiding dessert, then I can assure you will eat it. Because you can’t stop yourself to eat it.

Here we have many more cakes on the list. You can see it all on our website. If you want you can put your preferences also. And all these cakes are budget-friendly. So just think about your party and fun. 

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