Can I Use Marijuana After a Medical Procedure?

For those who enjoy smoking cannabis in their free time, understanding whether or not to use marijuana after a medical procedure is vital to healing properly. But while many expect a straightforward answer, the truth is that smoking cannabis after surgery could be beneficial or problematic depending on a wide variety of factors. To help you better understand the interaction between marijuana and healing, let’s dive into a few crucial points you should know before you light up.

Smoking is not advised after certain procedures, such as tooth extractions.

Let’s imagine that you are experiencing major dental issues that require tooth extraction so that you can get new implants for permanent teeth where the missing teeth are located. Before you smoke marijuana to deal with the pain, it’s important to know that smoking medical marijuana is not a good idea as this can cause dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that has formed over your jaw bone has been dislodged, which can cause a great deal of pain to the exposed bone. Instead, you may wish to use a THC tincture or a THC drink.

This holds true even if you’re going for a teeth in a day procedure where you receive implants for a new smile, a healing set of teeth to help you as you recover and your bones fuse with your new teeth, and your final teeth to finish the procedure. Even after these dental implants are being done, it’s best to avoid smoking as this can impact your oral health and make it harder for your body to heal. Overall, in cases like the above where you’re working with a dentist or oral surgeon, it’s best to avoid smoking altogether!

Marijuana may reduce pain and make your healing period bearable.



If there’s one thing that’s relatively well-known among regular smokers and prospective smokers, it’s that marijuana is praised for its ability to help with pain. While it’s still important to speak with your doctor about marijuana and whether or not it’s right for you as more research needs to be conducted, it may be a valuable way to get through the healing process. Additionally, you don’t just have to smoke it. You can also take other marijuana products if you’re looking after your health or wish to avoid lung issues and other problems that could impact future surgeries.

The biggest issue that some face is finding the right educational resources to help them understand and find the right products. If this is your struggle, you can turn to for help. American Marijuana is a website dedicated to helping you better understand THC and CBD, providing you with recommendations so that you can find the best hemp brands, and comparing different brands to see what qualities they have to offer you. As it is with cannabis, make sure that you speak with your doctor about CBD and any products that you plan on using to learn more about what it is and whether or not it’s right for you.

Can you smoke after getting surgery? It depends.

So, can you smoke after you undergo surgery? The truth is that it depends entirely on the surgery in question. If you go through a surgery involving your mouth, lungs, or heart, it’s probably not the best idea to smoke until you’ve completely recovered (in the case of the second two, this may include other products). However, if it doesn’t involve these parts of the body, marijuana consumption may be a good idea. Regardless of what surgery you’ve undergone, always speak with your surgeon and primary care physician to get a clear answer to this question for yourself.

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