Set Up A Doorstep Car Wash Business Online In UAE

Starting a doorstep car wash business like Mysyara in UAE means you have to build an end-to-end mobile app for it. In current times, developing a carwash app is no longer a hassle, but building an app that reaps profits surely is.

Unquestionably, car wash services have become a need today. Every car owner wants to drive a neat, tidy, and shiny car, however, not everyone finds the time to drive to a car wash facility near them.

So, what to do? How can you solve this problem?

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Let’s explore how you can start a next-gen doorstep car wash business online in UAE. And, more importantly, how can you launch it quickly?

Why Launch a Mysyara-like App?

Mysyara is an on-demand car wash app that has already impressed people in UAE! Well, if you are wondering why launch a similar app like Mysyara, well, that is because:

It offers a wide range of car wash services

The app allows its users to book doorstep car wash services along with on-demand mechanics, oil changes, detailing, roadside assistance, car repair, and much more.

In short, it is an all-in-one app for all the car needs one could have.

Well, offering multiple car care services in your Mysyara Clone app will enable you to attract more customers.

Put simply, by installing a single app, car owners in UAE can easily browse and book multiple services without downloading several other apps.

Provides quick and easy service bookings

The on-demand car wash app allows users to book the services they want easily and quickly. With a single click on the mobile app, users can browse the services that they want, and schedule them.

By scheduling, users can easily set the date and time of the service. Moreover, if they want, they can get on-the-go services as well.

Simple checkout system

The checkout system of the application is simple. With a single tap on the screen, users can book the car care service they want and easily pay for them online.

An online payment system makes it easier for customers to pay for the services that they book. On top of that, it eliminates the need to hand over the cash to the provider once the job is done.

Now that you know why launching a Mysyara-like app will be the best for your car-wash business, let’s see how you can set up one.

Start a Mysyara-like Car Wash Business in UAE

To set up an online business quickly in your region, you need to look for a ready-to-launch solution.

Why opt for a ready-made solution?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in the solution, however, here are the prominent ones:

Quick deployment

Using a ready-to-launch solution, you can launch your car wash application in a couple of weeks. Compared to building the app from scratch, opting for a pre-built app is better.

No knowledge of coding

As the app owner, you don’t need to learn how to code, test, or even design the application. Opting for a pre-built app means you only need to tell the experts what you want, and the rest will be taken care of.

Affordable app development

Developing and launching a car wash booking app in the UAE using a pre-built solution is affordable.

Comparing the cost of car wash mobile app development from scratch, a ready-made app can save you millions!

Therefore, to develop a mobile app quickly and within a tight budget, start looking for a well-established white labeling firm. To find a perfect match for it, use this checklist.

Checklist to find the best car wash app developers

  • The app developers you pick must have at least a decade of experience in the industry.
  • The white-labeling experts should provide you with the licensed source code of your app.
  • If the developer has already developed Mysyara Clone or similar apps in the past, check their portfolio and try the demo app.
  • Prefer to shake hands with mobile app developers who promise a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks.
  • See that the white-labeling experts provide you the freedom to choose the color theme of the app, payment gateways, currencies, and languages of your choice.

Now, when you find the right experts and the best pre-built car wash app for your business, see that you do:

  • Integrate local currency and languages: incorporate UAE’s native languages and currency, that is, Arabic and UAE dirham (AED) into the app. Along with that, integrate languages and currencies that are widely popular and can be used by foreigners while browsing and booking services via your app.
  • Choose the local payment and SMS gateway: by integrating the local payment and SMS gateways, you can rest assured the users that they can make secured transactions via your app. For example, you can choose to incorporate Stripe,  Telr, CashU, Amazon Payment Services, etc., based on your requirements.
  • Change the color theme and add your logo: depending on the color of your logo, change the color theme of the app to make it look more appealing. Also, place your logo everywhere on the app to improve the visibility of your brand.

Add the next-gen features!

To develop a perfect Mysyara Clone for your car wash app means that you must integrate “modern-day” features into the app.

The more advanced your app will be, the easier it will be to attract and retain customers. Well, enlisted below are some top-notch features that will add five-start to your on-demand car wash app.

Sign-up for social media

Choosing usernames and passwords can be burdensome for users, leading to annoyance!

Thus, by incorporating the feature of social media sign-up using Facebook or Google, you can allow users to create an account and book the services conveniently.

Live tracking

Your users can easily track the real-time location of the booked car wash expert. Along with the live tracking of the professional, the user can also see their ETA.

Multiple credit card management

Users can manage their credit cards on the application. Be it one or multiple users can easily add or remove their card details plus manage them easily.

You can add in-app messaging and calling so that the user and the experts can conveniently communicate with each other without disclosing their numbers.

Wrapping Up:

Developing a Mysyara Clone for your online car wash business can reap a shedload of profits if you incorporate the right features and functions.

Moreover, the car wash business is thriving in the UAE. Thus, by developing an app with everything that your ‘modern-day’ customers want, you can easily conquer the market. 

Use the instructions provided in the blog to set up your online car wash business in just 2 weeks without burning a hole in your pocket.

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