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    One of the basic human needs is to be financially independent. In an economy where earning money becomes a fundamental need for survival, people are readily willing to take any job that comes their way. Australia has an employment percentage of 63%. The actual job openings have faced a 9.8% decrease from May 2021 and are currently at 333,700, which shows a low rate as the Australian workforce consists of people as young as high schoolers. Recently, however, there have been openings for jobs in Dubbo, Bathurst, and other regional cities that have helped tackle this gap.  The need for more jobs As societies evolved, so did the sense of…

  • Best Literary Agents in the US
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    Top 5 Best Literary Agents in the US

    Do you have a story idea that you think is ready to turn into a book? Are you done with drafting a book? Do you want to publish it but don’t know where to start? If yes, you’re not alone. Being a writer, I have always wished to publish a novel or story. And I successfully completed my debut US novel, although it took me a huge amount of time to publish my book. The reason behind it was that I wasn’t aware of the procedure of publishing a book. Once you are done drafting a novel or book, you wish to get it published as soon as possible. But…