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5 Tips Every Car Owner Should Implement To Save Money on Fuel

5 Tips Every Car Owner Should Implement To Save Money on Fuel

When the Monday morning leaves you awestruck with the increased fuel price, you have no option but to refill. Even though you can’t do anything about the prices, but there are a few things that can be done at your end to control the amount of fuel consumption. For over a decade, not even a single year has passed by without us facing the major fuel scarcity. Every single person is affected when the fuel prices rise. Consequently, the transportation…

Malta is A True Bliss on Earth 5 best Experiences

Malta is A True Bliss on Earth: 5 Best Experiences

Fenced by deep blue Mediterranean Sea to the south of Sicily, the trio Maltese Islands including Malta, Comino and Gozo boasts a fascinating heritage and an engaging history. You’ll find a distinctly North African influence being closer to Tunisia with the official Maltese language derived from the fusion of Arabic and Italian. Even under scorching sunshine, the palm-tree landscape of Malta is peppered with charming hilltop towns, calm dockyards, and traditional fishing villages. Valletta; the graceful Maltese capital The best…