• How to do Keyword Analysis
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    How to Do Keyword Analysis

    The analysis of keywords is a fundamental part of the optimization of your website and should be present in any content marketing strategy. The fundamental objective of keyword analysis is to know exactly what words your audience is using to refer to those issues that concern them. The importance of a keyword analysis for your strategy Once you perform your keyword analysis, you will discover the terms your audience is using. The reason why this previous step in your positioning strategy is so important is because in this way you will be able to write about those topics and offer them some solution using the same language as your audience and connecting with…

  • SEo tips and tricks
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    Today I will share with you all 3 very simple tricks to improve the SEO of our pages and blogs. With these tips, we will improve the position of our pages in Google, which will make us more visible to the search engine so that we are easier to find. As one friend of mine says: “The best place in the world to hide a body is the second page of Google.” And you have every reason in the world, how many times have you worried about continuing to search beyond the first page of results? Surely never. SEO does not offer you miraculous results, you will need to have authority, attractive content and many…

  • Increase Organic Traffic
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    Increase Organic Traffic or Improve Conversion?

    As SEOs, our job is to increase qualified traffic to client sites with the intention that end users buy something, fill out a form, download a PDF or perform other actions on the web. Increasing organic traffic does not necessarily translate into more sales. So, how do we really get more business for our customers through organic search? The answer is very simple: optimization of the conversion or what is the same, CRO. Conversion optimization or CRO is one of the most interesting techniques to improve revenue and conversions on the websites of customers. We can optimize several elements of a site (for example, texts, links, the page itself, social…