• How to start a smoke free life
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    How to start a smoke free life

    Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits you can have. Not only are cigarettes bad for your lungs, but they also increase your risk of throat and mouth cancer. Aside from just taking a toll on your health, smoking can be a huge financial burden, especially when the price of cigarettes is always going up. You also always smell like cigarettes and you often need to take your smoke break outside in the cold wind or hot sun because smoking is not allowed indoors. By quitting smoking, you’re drastically improving all aspects of your life, which is why you should definitely kick the habit as soon as possible. 1. Write…

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    Should I Hire A Life Coach?

    Every single one of us comes to a point in life in which we are facing overwhelming challenges that do not allow us to continue further. Even if the problems seem minor to others, the ways we handle stress and issues depend from person to person, which is why some people can feel tough choices while others cannot. Today’s world is fast-paced, which means that it is challenging to stop at some point and to think about your further action. However, by finding the best life coach, you will be able to avoid doing everything yourself, and finding outside professional that will advise you and help you move forward. The…

  • 4 of the Most Decorated Australian Swimmers of All Time
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    4 of the Most Decorated Australian Swimmers of All Time

    Australia is not all about the unique outback, big kangaroos, cute koalas, creepy spiders, and the majestic Sydney opera house. This country is likewise famous for its beach and swimming culture. Since the country is surrounded by waters, it is not surprising that one of the most favorite pastimes of Australians is swimming. It is pretty normal to see people wearing plus size swimwear, proving how big swimming is in this country. Whether you live in the city or in the country, you can easily go to the beach or to public swimming pools. Because of this Australian culture, nobody should be surprised that some of the best swimmers in…

  • Which way to follow to gain success in life
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    Which way to follow to gain success in life?

    Once in a while, we all feel that life has had the better of all of us. We feel stuck and find no solution to our worries. We have assembled the best ideas and tips that you will need to succeed in life and career. If you have been struggling with your life trying to find solutions to your abyss, then these are the ways you have. Don’t ever let go of life no matter how badly you want to. Insecurity and fear are the worst enemies you can face and overcome. All you need to push through is motivation. The right motivation will help you open doors and proceed…

  • The Ugly Duckling
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    The Ugly Duckling

    Head hung in shame, standing at far end of the corner, playing with my frock, I hoped somebody would call me to take the “Prasad”; after all, it was Diwali. No one noticed until one of my aunt shouted in horror and signalled me to get out of the Puja Room. Strange how the same people who loved me by all heart changed overnight just over some blood oozing out of my vagina. For a first timer, it was hard to walk with the pads, dragging myself like a Duckling I walked off in front of the entire household. My brothers watching my exit quietly, strange just a day before…

  • Story of How Sikkim
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    The Inspiring Story of How Sikkim Became India’s Cleanest State

    The Northeastern part of India houses a habitat that is rich in flora and fauna which consists of exotic trees, best varieties of tea plants, and plenty of wildlife that makes up for a sight to see. North-East is also famous for its unique culture, food, and clothing style which add to the charm of this part of India. Not just this, the Northeast is also proud to have the cleanest state in the country which is second to none when it comes to hygiene and making the term ‘Squeaky Clean’ practically true. If you plan on visiting Sikkim, make sure you take a look at the village of Basilakha.…

  • ThanksGiving
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    More Complaints and Less Thanks Giving

    I often wonder why we, as human beings, complaint so much for a single mishap and not even a single thanksgiving for the ample of blessings. We curse and speak a lot of bad things for a single wrong happening but never do we thank god for the lesson that we are going to learn after that. “Did we ever realize that we would not have the wisdom and knowledge that we possess today if we had never faced the setbacks, the mistakes done and the sufferings that we had?” How would we know the value of happiness if we never face sadness, how would we know how precious a…