What Are the Causes of Blocked Drain and How to Get Rid of It?

Nothing can be more abominable than waking up in the morning and seeing your kitchen and bathrooms sinks and washbasins overflowing with dirty water. You can use the DIY methods, or else, you can also hire a plumber to get rid of the blocked drain. You need to detect whether the drain is located on the outside or is it a friction or damage caused by the drain inside. Tree roots and tree leaves from outside can penetrate inside the drain pipes and make matters worse. The internal components which lead to blocked drain are sanitary towels, napkins, papers, small plastic toys and oil and dirt. There are things which cannot be flushed out easily, and they go and block the spout of the drains. Kitchen tools and small and simple drain cleaning methods cannot always help, so you need to hire a professional plumber for getting rid of blocked drains.

Is it a blocked kitchen or bathroom drain that needs to be unclogged?

Depending on the location and extent of the damage, you can go for hiring companies or individual plumbers to get rid of blocked drain. The causes of kitchen sink spout blockages can be animal fat, grease and oil. Apart from this, you can also ask the plumbers to inspect your kitchen and bathroom drains once in a year, and in rare cases you can also hire drain pipe and blocked drain cleaning engineers to get rid of smelly drains.

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What about the outdoor drainage patterns and how to take care of the blocked drains?

Regular garden maintenance and maintenance of the surrounding land area often leads to the washing away of leaves, dirt, debris and foliage into the external parts of the drain, thus blocking them. Landfills, sewage, liquid waste material from outside and dried twigs and leaves must be disposed off well, so that you get rid of the blocked drain cleaning problem quickly. High quality plumbing instruments and CCTV cameras are also often installed to find out the exact extent of damage caused to the drains.

Blocked Drain Cleaning.

What are the top 4 tips to avoid blocked drain and to ensure a steady flow of water?

  • First of all, you need to keep a garbage vat and keep all the garbage inside and not throw vegetable and fruit peels, oil, grease, dirt and animal fat inside the kitchen sinks.
  • Secondly, chemicals, solvents, oil and paint leftovers should be taken to local recycling sites, and they should not be disposed inside the steel or ceramic sinks. Apart from giving rise to blocked drains, these also harm the quality of the ceramic sink or the steel basin both in your kitchen and washroom.
  • It is suggested not to dispose medical and pharmaceutical products like needles, syringes and syrup bottles and bottle caps inside the drains. There should be a safe place of disposal for all of these.

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Misconnected pipes can also be the causes of blocked drain:

Toilet pipes, kitchen pipes, drawing room washbasin pipes and even small interconnected channels of plumbing pipes also create complications as far as blocked drains are concerned. The local environmental protection team along with a team of expert plumbers can help you to get rid of a blocked drain. Identification of the pipelines and the roads leading to different pipelines and channels are also some of the ways to prevent blocked drain cleaning. This also improves the overall water quality of the sewer channels and the pipeline distribution of your home.

Apart from the steps to stop the occurrence of blocked drains, you can also use certain precautionary measures on your part, to keep blocked drain problem at bay.

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