CBD E Liquid in the UK Vs. Cannabis Vape Liquid: What is the Difference?

In this article I want to try to explain all the various terminology that is used to describe CBD e liquid in the UK and what, if any, are the differences. For example is cannabis vape liquid the same as CBD e liquid in the UK

What is CBD e liquid? 

CBD e liquid is the same as any other e liquid that you would vape such as a nicotine or flavoured vape juice. This means it is made from the same PG and VG blend. The ratio of which will determine the type of vaping experience you will have. CBD e liquid is exactly what it says, an e liquid that has CBD in it rather than flavouring or nicotine, the e liquid is blended with hemp extract and in most cases natural terpenes for flavouring. 

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What is the difference between cannabis vape liquid, marijuana e liquid and CBD e liquid in the UK? 

CBD e liquid in the UK (or any CBD products) has to be derived from hemp and has to contain zero to trace amounts of CBD. This is why all cannabis products are derived from hemp rather than marijuana as hemp is a CBD dominant plant and contains low levels of THC making them compliant with UK regulation. This means that when we say cannabis vape liquid, this really means or is the same as CBD e liquid in the UK market. There will be some retailers in the UK who may call CBD e liquid, marijuana e liquid, but this is technically not correct as to be legal e liquids cannot contain marijuana extract, but only hemp so be sure to double check if you are buying an e liquid labelled a marijuana e liquid.

Is a weed flavoured e liquid the same as a CBD e liquid? 

This will depend on the retailer or brand. As mentioned above, there are some retailers or brands that label their e liquid marijuana e liquid. Now, in the UK, either this could mean that it is actually a CBD e liquid and contains hemp extract rather than marijuana as stated or it could mean that the e liquid is actually just a marijuana or weed flavoured e liquid and does not actually contain hemp extract and so CBD. How can it be a weed flavoured e liquid without being a CBD e liquid? As explained earlier, CBD e liquid is made with the PG / VG blend and then mixed with hemp extract and natural terpenes. Natural terpenes is what gives any plant its flavour profile so in the case of weed flavoured e liquids, the natural terpenes will be derived from cannabis strains to emulate those flavours. So when you see a marijuana e liquid be sure to check whether it is simply a marijuana flavoured e liquid or whether it is a cannabis vape liquid and contains CBD derived from hemp,

Is CBD e liquid high strength? 

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CBD vaping is the most effective way to take CBD as it is absorbed into the bloodstream quickest.  CBD e liquid is stronger than taking CBD in many other formats. However CBD e liquid is less strong than CBD vape oil which is a much purer substance to vape in that it is not diluted down by a PG / VG blend and is just hemp extract and natural terpenes. 

What is the best CBD e liquid in the UK? 

There is quite a bit of choice as to CBD e liquids to buy over here. However, my favourite ones are those that use natural terpenes to give it an authentic flavour profile. I am a big fan of the Paso e liquids as they are derived from some of my favourite strains – Mango Kush and Amnesia Haze. They also are one of the few brands selling delicious high strength CBD vape oil cartridges. 

Hopefully this has helped clear up some of the murkiness around some of the e liquid terminology. Let me know if you have any other questions below. 

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