The One-Stop-Shop to Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Elixinol Hemp Variants

In order to understand Full Spectrum CBD and the role of Elixinol Hemp product variants, there are a couple of confusions that must be rectified. 

All about Hemp: 

Are Marijuana and Hemp the same thing? Apart from the fact that both marijuana and hemp are two variant species of Cannabis, there is no significant similarity. Therefore, using the terms interchangeably is not permissible. Marijuana as cultivation is a horticulture plant, whereas hemp is an agricultural plant. Marijuana is used as a drug, whereas hemp is used majorly as applications to the household & industrial purposes. 

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And this hemp birthed, what we today call – CBD based products. All CBD products must be industrially treated to ensure that the products are legal and are safe to be used as a healing product.

Apart from its medical purposes, marijuana is not to be used as a recreational drug. Marijuana births the need to ignore health, whereas hemp products are encouraged to be used for their healing properties. Hemp and uses can be understood by thoroughly learning about ‘full-spectrum hemp oil’ and ‘broad-spectrum hemp oil’.

‘Full-spectrum hemp oil’ vs ‘Broad spectrum hemp oil.’

On the one hand, full-spectrum hemp oil is a pure form of extraction made from the hemp plant, inclusive of CBD. It can be used in the tablet forms, capsules, balms and tinctures, and even more. 

On the other hand, broad-spectrum hemp oil contains phytocannabinoids as well all, terpenes and flavonoids, without any presence of THC.

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All about Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 

Focusing primarily on the full-spectrum hemp oil, let’s see how the extraction process occurs. Full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp variant. 

The process begins at the stage of drying up mature parts of the hemp plant. Inclusive of the stems, leaves, flowers and even the stalk. After extensively drying it up, the plant is mashed into fine powder form. During this process, a lot of oil is extracted. 

Note: To get a good quality of hemp oil, they make sure to use plants that have been grown sustainably and organically. i.e. without using any of the other pesticides used to grow plants.

After the process of harvesting and extracting hemp oil, they are then classified into a variety of different sets of packaging according to the potency of each oil. 

Now that we know more about how the Elixinol hemp oil is extracted. It’s also essential to understand what are the uses and benefits of hemp oil and its extract used in salves, balms and tinctures.  

Uses and Benefits of Hemp-Based products and Oils: 

Medical News Today published on the 14 of February in its benefits list of hemp that there nil to minimal risk of intoxication involved in using hemp oil. 

  1. Hemp seed oil is used to help rejuvenate skin. Those with eczema, any form of dermatitis, lichen related ailments and psoriasis can rely on the soothing effects of hemp seed oil. 
  2. On consuming the fatty acid present within the hemp seed oil, it works wonders for the brain health of each one of us. 
  3. It has lasting effects on heart health. 
  4. It also acts as a natural pain relief medication. 
  5. It can be used to relieve muscle tension in mammals — both man and animals. 

This concludes the one-stop-shop to Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Elixinol Hemp Variants. Click here for more information.

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