How A Ceiling Fan Can Improve Your Home Environment

The ceiling fan has been around since 1882, at which time, the first unit was developed by mechanical engineer, Philip Diehl. Since then, hundreds, if not thousands of brands have entered the market. Nearly every adult consumer has purchased at least one ceiling fan in their lifetime. With its dozens of benefits, it is no wonder the ceiling fan is so popular. Below, you will discover exactly what these benefits are to ensure you make a more informed decision. 

Improved Ventilation

There is no question, the ceiling fan can help improve ventilation throughout the home. However, to ensure maximum ventilation, experts recommend at least one ceiling fan in a 10’ x 10’ room. Larger rooms may need two or more units to ensure maximum ventilation. 

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Increase Home Value

Many consumers do not realize a ceiling fan can increase the home value. Why is this important? First, and foremost, increasing the value of a residential property will prove helpful when selling. The seller’s main goal is to get the maximum offer. To achieve such a feat, the seller must find ways to increase the home’s value. Contrary to belief, this is not as difficult as one may believe. 

Installing a quality ceiling fan in every room in your is a great place to start. Whatever the case may be, the ceiling fan is a great investment.

More Energy Efficiency

Property owners and tenants are continuously looking for new ways to minimize their energy usage. It is unfortunate when your energy bill increases to a point, it is no longer affordable. When your energy bill increases without warning, finding the culprit is crucial. Once the culprit is determined, it will be time to find ways to lower your energy usage. This is not rocket science because there are endless energy-saving tips on the World Wide Web. One tip involves the installation of ceiling fans

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Transitioning from an air conditioner to a ceiling fan on moderately cool days will definitely help reduce your energy usage. A 5,000 BTU (10 SEER) air conditioning unit utilizes an average of 500 watts of electricity per hour.  A single ceiling fan utilizes between 10 and 100 watts of electricity per hour. Now, compare the energy usage of both appliances. If the ceiling fan utilizes 100 watts of electricity per hour and the air conditioner 500 watts of electricity per hour, which unit is more energy efficient? The ceiling fan is significantly more energy-efficient, as compared to the AC unit.

Improves Aesthetics

Last, but not least, a ceiling fan can improve the aesthetics of your home. Depending on where the unit is installed, it is possible to create a focal point. This especially applies to the vestibule “antechamber,” which is the area, where visitors first enter your home. Creating a focal point for the antechamber will work remarkably well. Before you know it, you will receive compliments from every visitor.

A ceiling fan is not limited to improved ventilation and cooling. It is also about aesthetics and increasing the home’s value. 

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