Know Why Chicken Tortilla Soup Has Been a Summer Staple

Hola! To all the summer people. Summers have always turned out to be the favourite season for millions of people. The shorter and depressing days will be outdated as the new season approaches. You don’t have to wear more clothes, and you can enjoy both warm and cold meals with your loved ones. We have to mention that summers are the season when most of us wish to eat healthier, work out more, and secure ourselves with superfoods right in our comfort zones. 


So how are you picturising it? To feel the crisp and cool breeze in the evening, you can always relish the season with some delicious and light snacks. How about a warm and veggie protein soup? Ding ding! With each sip, you will feel the warmth and flavour of the soup, relaxing at the lawn table. 


Amidst all the chosen options, instant pot chicken tortilla soup is a nutritious and easy to make lunch or dinner dish. Normally, it is prepared with a tender chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes, black beans, and a handful of cilantro. All in all, this instant veggie soup can yield more than 54% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, 30 grams of healthy protein, and 30% of Vitamin A & K.


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Many of you might wonder why only try out this creamy soup instead of thousands of others. Not to worry! Before you try this quick and delicious recipe for instant pot tortilla soup, here are a few health benefits to go through.


  • Healthy Tomatoes 


One of the leading ingredients in the soup is the tomatoes which certainly are known for their several nutritional benefits. They are popular as they reduce the risk of developing cancer cells and any damage done by free radicals. And guess what? If you want to give your immune system and skin a quick boost of energy, this soup loaded with tomatoes can offer a sound dose of powerful antioxidants and carotenoids. 


  • Tender Chicken 


Without any doubt, chicken is the chief source of protein, an indispensable source of nutrients that makes antibodies, helps the body form cells, build muscles, and repair tissues. Did you know that 100g of chicken breast most likely contains upto 21 grams of protein? In addition, being packed with high content of vitamin niacin, chicken helps regulate cholesterol levels and blood sugar while increasing the production of hormones. Apparently, selenium content in chicken is essential for the well-being of immune and metabolic systems. 


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  • Fresh Avocados 


Avocados have been a favourite fruit snack that is part of almost every breakfast and lunch meal worldwide. Loaded with more than 20 important nutrients, avocados also have fibre, potassium, folic acid, Vitamin B, E, and K. The fruit helps with promoting tissue and cell development, protecting the system against free radicals, regulating lower cholesterol levels, and fighting diseases. You would be surprised to know that fresh avocados in merely one cup have a high percentage of Vitamin C, B-6, and K compared to the standard value. 


  • Black Beans and Cilantro! 


High in fibre, black beans lower the risk of heart disease and protect the whole cardiovascular system. With more than 8 flavonoids, black beans also prevent cancer. Whereas healthy cilantro added to the homemade, instant pot chicken tortilla soup acts as an organic detoxifying agent. The elements in the herb itself help eliminate any unwanted toxins, stomach gas, and arthritis causes. Even health experts always share that cilantro can boost digestive health, stimulate endocrine glandules, fight anaemia, promote healthy liver functioning, ease nausea, and strengthen the immune system when included in your everyday diet. 




Well, that’s just not it with this quick and light soup; there’s a lot more than we can mention here. To find out, why not try this instant pot tortilla soup by yourself someday, and let us know what changes you feel in the next few weeks. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. 




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