China Introduces New Policy That Would Prevent Actors From Receiving Multi-Million Dollar Wages

China is currently introducing a new policy that would prevent actors from receiving millions of dollars by simply playing roles in television and movies.

The latest law comes after Zheng Shuang, a TV star, was given $25 million for her role in just a single series. 

The news caused public outcry in the country.

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People in the country said that it was just ridiculous for her to get that amount of money for just acting in a single series. 

The National Radio and Television Administration has outlined the new rules, which will be responsible for controlling how much money the stars would be getting. 

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, the wages of the actors will be capped at 40 percent of the total production budget.

The report also stated that a leading actor could not be paid more than 70 percent of what the entire cast will be receiving. 

The government of China has said that the rule will be locked in for the next 5 years. 

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Local news agencies said that this is going to be fixing an issue that has been plaguing in the Chinese entertainment industry for some now. 

The South China Morning Post said that the massive salaries of the actors has been taking a massive hit in the production costs and has affected the quality of the movies and the series. 

The outlet explained how Shuang’s pay sparked a national investigation from the National Radio and Television Administration.

The inquiry found out that the TV production team had violated the cost proportion requirements when they gave Shuang the massive amount of money.

Authorities also said that the new laws are going to be preventing tax evasion. 

Another report suggested that Shuang was fined £34 million for tax evasion between 2019 and 2020 and producers in the country were later ordered to blacklist her.

Shuang is not the only one who 

The National Radio and Television Administration said that they are hopeful that the new laws are going to bring drastic changes into the movie industry. 

What are your thoughts on the new laws that have been introduced by the government of China? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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