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01:47 AM, 05-Aug-2022

China imposes sanctions on Nancy Pelosi

China on Friday banned US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi from traveling to Taiwan. The news agency AFP has given this news quoting the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Pelosi made a one-day visit to Taiwan last Saturday, regardless of Chinese threats. This has left China very upset.

02:04 PM, 05-Aug-2022

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida calls on Pelosi

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Friday that China’s military exercises aimed at Taiwan showed a “serious problem” that threatens regional peace and security. In fact, five ballistic missiles fired by China as an exercise fell in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan.

01:11 PM, 05-Aug-2022

China ranks second in terms of defense budget

China is currently the second largest country after the US in terms of defense budget. Due to this, China is far ahead in terms of war weapons in the world.

12:09 PM, 05-Aug-2022

China summons ambassadors of European countries

China has now summoned ambassadors of seven European Union countries, enraged by US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. According to the information, China has lodged a protest against their shared statement. In fact, on behalf of these countries, it was said in the statement that China’s military exercise on the border of Taiwan is wrong and it should be stopped immediately. China says, this statement of European countries is interfering in our internal affairs.

11:15 AM, 05-Aug-2022

What is the difference between the population of China and Taiwan

The Gulf of Taiwan, which divides China and Taiwan, is only a few hundred kilometers wide. It is through this gulf that the population of 139 crore people of China stays apart from the population of 23.6 crore in Taiwan. That is, if we take the difference of population as the basis, then China has the strength of 65 people compared to one person from Taiwan.

09:41 AM, 05-Aug-2022

China flew 100 fighter jets

The tension between China and Taiwan seems to be increasing. After firing the missile on Thursday, it is now reported that China has flown 100 fighter jets on the Taiwan border. However, Taiwan also refused to back down. Earlier it was reported that 22 Chinese aircraft had also entered Taiwan’s air defense area.

09:32 AM, 05-Aug-2022

What will be the next step for Taiwan regarding China?

There is a discussion all over the world at this time about how far China’s displeasure will go due to the visit of US MP Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. There is a fear in the countries of the world that after this visit of Nancy Pelosi, China may not attack Taiwan soon. At the same time, when the whole world is caught in this dilemma, what is going to be China’s next step regarding Taiwan. Then Tibet by meeting the American MP has not only given a big message but has also created a big atmosphere for Tibet’s independence. Read full news…

08:41 AM, 05-Aug-2022

There should be dialogue between two big countries

Nancy Pelosi, who arrived in Japan, said, there is a dialogue between the US and the Chinese President. There must be dialogue between two such big countries. If we do not speak up on human rights because of commercial interests in China, we lose all moral right to speak about human rights anywhere in the world, he said.

08:35 AM, 05-Aug-2022

will not allow taiwan to be isolated

Nancy Pelosi said in Tokyo, China wants to isolate Taiwan. But we don’t allow it. “China cannot stop me from traveling to Taiwan,” he said. He will not decide my itinerary.

08:33 AM, 05-Aug-2022

Nancy Pelosi arrives in Japan

The Speaker of the US Parliament reached Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on Friday as part of her Asia tour. “China used my visit to Taiwan as an excuse and launched attacks,” he said. “We are not here to change Taiwan’s status quo in Asia, but because of the US-Taiwan relationship,” he said.

08:08 AM, 05-Aug-2022

China Taiwan Tension Live: China bans Pelosi, summons ambassadors of European countries

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has described the Chinese missiles as a serious problem. He has said that this is a serious problem for our national security. In fact, on Thursday, five Chinese missiles landed in the EZ area of ​​Japan.

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