Why Choose Diamond and Platinum Wedding Bands

A wedding is supposed to be beautiful, memorable and exciting. Engagement bands are usually exchanged during a wedding ceremony. They basically symbolize an endless love circle. The marriage rings come in various size and design. They range from simple platinum, yellow, gold or white bands to diamond engagement and diamond wedding bands. They complement the wedding ring. It is usually the final piece of the wedding jewelry.

Why diamond engagement and wedding bands

Diamond wedding bands are preferred by many couples. Diamond is a classic metal. The diamond represents eternal and unending love while the band represents devotion. The diamond engagement rings also make renewal of vows more meaningful. In addition, they are excellent anniversary gifts. The diamond wedding bands come in various designs. The most common designs are the classic, glamour, modern, vintage, two and three row, curved and the stackable one. Thanks to the many options available, buyers are spoilt for choice.

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diamond wedding bands

The diamond rings come in various colors too. The common colors are yellow, gold and white. For those interested in something out of the ordinary, they can get customized marriage bands based on their preferences. Customized ring costs slightly more than the normal one. The good news is that it is worth every penny.

The diamond engagement bands are possibly the most trusted and oldest style of engagement in the history of love stories. The process of extracting diamond is quite interesting. It is extracted naturally from carbon by applying extreme pressure and amount of heat to the earth’s depth. The rough stones are later minced, cut and thoroughly polished. The final product is a sparkling stone. Diamond engagement wedding rings still remain a favorite among brides and lovers of jewelry. For men who wish to surprise the women in their lives, diamond engagement wedding band will definitely take her breath away.

Platinum diamond wedding bands

The platinum diamond wedding bands are a favorite to some people. Platinum is a precious metal, thanks to its rarity, strength, and purity. In addition, it is has a beautiful color and its elegant appearance makes it the perfect choice for jewelry lovers and brides. In comparison to gold wedding and engagement rings, platinum is more pure and rare when used in jewelry. For a jewel to be considered pure gold, 41 percent of pure gold must be used. However, with platinum, at least 90 percent pure platinum must be used for a jewel to be considered an original. Platinum is often mistaken for white gold. They bear some close resemblance. Unlike other metals; platinum does not distort or expand when exposed to heat. Besides, it does not tarnish easily. However, it is slightly heavier than other metals. Needless to say, purchasing a platinum diamond wedding band will cost the buyer a fortune bit it is totally worth it.

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Whatever wedding band an individual settles for, the message of eternal love and devotion is passed across. The ring is a symbol of unending love. The choice to settle for gold or platinum wedding band lies with the buyer. Several factors such as metal preference and costs are major determining factors.

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