How CIBIL Score Matters A Lot And What Is The Procedure To Check Free?

When you need instant approval for a loan or credit card, you should know own score first. The CIBIL score calculates like this, less than 650 means direct rejection and above 750 indicates a good number. It’s a calculation, which can consider by the lenders when giving financial support.

Before applying for financial help, should know the procedure of CIBIL score check. You can have two option for an online portal or through PAN card.

Check CIBIL Score Through Online Portal

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  • Login the official site
  • Fill age, date of birth, and gender as per PAN
  • Share identity proof, address proof, and employment type
  • Provide contact number, registered email ID or mobile number
  • And before can click on submit button, should accept terms and conditions

If shared all information according to the organization, then within a day they send confirmation on your registered email ID.

Check CIBIL Score Through PAN Card

  • Open the official site
  • Fill personal details according to the PAN
  • Employment type, identity proof, and address proof
  • Share registered email ID or mobile number
  • Before click on submit button, accept terms and conditions

They can ask a few questions related to your credit card previous pending bills, utilization, etc. After the confirmation, they send confirmation mail on registered email ID within a day.  

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What Is The Minimum CIBIL Score To Get Instant Loan?

The range starts from 300 to 900. It’s a scale which can divide into many categories. Each calculation can define your position. So let’s find out below points.

  • 300 Points: It indicates that you are not eligible for any loan or credit card.
  • 450 To 500 Credit Score: It looks better than the first one, but the position is still the same.
  • 550 To 600 CIBIL Points: You can get financial support from the lender, before that start maintaining all payment clear.
  • 650 To 700 Points: You can get a loan with high interest-rate, but a few banks will provide this service.
  • 750 To 800 Score: It’s a good sign and shows you are a responsible person to know the utilization of the product.
  • 850 To 900 Points: With this CIBIL score any lender can give you financial support. It indicates you are in time for payback, repayment or payment.

How Do You Upgrade Your CIBIL Score?

If you want to up your scores, have to follow the below points.

  • Always Payment On-Time: It’s a most important thing when you want to upgrade yourself in CIBIL score. Most of them forget about on-time payment, and the result came in defaulter list.
  • Utilization Of The Card: The bank can give this privileges to use 20% of the product, if you can use 50% then you are in danger. The less you can use, the more can get benefits.
  • Monitoring Your Product: You should check the product for six months or one year. So that know the exact position of your in credit calculation.
  • Big No For Guarantor: When anybody takes your reference for financial help say no for this. In a case, that persona not giving back payment or repayment on-time, then automatically it can affect on your score.

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