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Serial Cleaners is a top-down stealth-motion activity from Attract Distance and 505 Video games. Comparable to the initially entry in the series, Serial Cleaners is all about finding rid of bodies and proof from a crime scene, but there is much more to it than your typical stealth title. In our Serial Cleaners evaluate, we’ll take a glimpse at one of the most interesting titles of the calendar year, which employs its gory premise to produce a persuasive gameplay working experience.

Tale and Figures

In contrast to the initial title, the place you experienced command of just one character, the sequel introduces four distinctive people, every with their exceptional motivations as to why they’ve picked out this line of operate. Bob is the typical hyperlink, and his interactions with each and every character serve as the foundation for their guidelines.

Serial Cleaners cast of playable people

The tale is explained to in a non-linear style, and there are gentle dialogue selections below and there. The overall crux of the plot is to complement the diverse levels you are going to be having part in. This insistence on contextualizing different crime scenes is a neat way to tell a story about distinctive people and how they solution factors. Just about every character talks about one of their work opportunities, and you alternate amongst them.

Throughout the story, the characters discuss their various jobs
The cast reminiscing their past exploits

There are cutscenes as properly, and whilst this is a much more gameplay-oriented title, you’ll have ample for every character to relate to them on some stage. I savored some of the gameplay sections that weren’t about cleaning a crime scene. These drop some gentle on the figures by themselves and their qualifications.

A more story sequence that still has the base gameplay
Tale sequence that still has the foundation gameplay

The story, regardless of not being the most important attract for the title, is really very heartwarming. By the conclusion, I was attached to most of the forged, especially Bob. The writing is not heading to blow you away or everything, but it’s striving to emulate that 90s motion picture criminal offense sense and performs for the most aspect.

Cutscene featuring one of the main characters
Cutscenes are largely among jobs

Given the nature of this title, any throwaway plot could’ve worked, but I respect the hard work set into the narrative and figures.


If you have observed any trailer of the title, you have a pretty fantastic thought of your goal in Serial Cleaners. There’s a crime scene with bodies lying around, blood on the flooring, and essential evidence. Your job is easy, get rid of the bodies, dispose of the proof, and cleanse a good volume of blood.

A person of the before concentrations with Bob sneaking previous guards

Each and every character performs a bit otherwise and has its strengths and weaknesses. Lati, for case in point, can vault above various issues, which introduces a little bit more verticality to her playstyle. VIP3R is a hacker that can mess around with lights, doorways, and other electronics after accessing a terminal.

VIP3R can accessibility terminals to hack her way by means of

The stages are tailor-made close to their techniques, but functionally, the people possess very similar base skills. This usually means that whilst you can use their strengths to some diploma, you’ll nevertheless have to depend on simple moves to clean up. VIP3R can go by means of vents, though Psycho can mainly switch nearly anything into a weapon. He can also lower up bodies making use of his chainsaw and then use those people limbs to knock out guards, which is useful.

Lati in the middle of a crime scene with cops around

Ranges have tons of entrances and exits, and relying on the character you’re now assigned, there are a great deal of methods you can manipulate your environment. The wide variety of degrees and how your people operate is just one of the greatest components of the sport. I liked staying capable to perform as a marginally unique character and adapt to the stage layout.

Psycho can chop up the limbs of useless bodies

There’s also a “Cleaner Sense” that zooms out the monitor and demonstrates you what’s going on in the level higher than and beneath you. Whilst this is a neat addition, I assume some amount of obscurity would’ve manufactured the condition a bit a lot more unpredictable.

Enemy AI

Even with the wide range in people, I feel what caught out to me was certainly the enemy AI and how they behave. As opposed to some thing like Shadow Methods, the guards in Serial Cleaners aren’t that mechanically sophisticated. You can basically dump a entire body in front of them, and they’ll go about their working day like it is completely normal. This is a bit weird mainly because you can just abuse their lack of awareness to go by way of degrees pretty speedily.

“Excuse me, Overlook, but do you not see the dead system there?”

I want some trouble sliders had been available to tailor their responses a bit. When I believe the activity is balanced, it’s not specifically likely to make sure you stealth followers that are utilized to much more reactive enemies and AI. If a guard manages to get near to you for them to contact you, you are going to be sent back again to the past checkpoint. This is one particular of people online games in which you will not be brief-conserving a lot but fairly reacting more to the scenario, which I appreciate.


I performed the activity working with my controller and felt ideal at property. Despite the prime-down view, this truly labored quite effectively with the controller. Crouching, sprinting, and cleaning are the actions you’ll be carrying out the most, and it is just relaxed to do so with a pad. I attempted it with a mouse and keyboard as perfectly, and I imagine this one particular is a lot more suited for the controller considering the fact that you have direct manage of your character.

VI3R dragging a overall body

You can also toss items, which was a large help. I threw most of the disposable proof out to a safer spot and managed it then.


Serial Cleaners is a attractive game and just one that captures the colors, model, and tone of your beloved 90s criminal offense thrillers. Its dense environment, stylistic person interface, and superb lights make it 1 of the greatest seeking online games of the 12 months.

Excellent artwork way of Serial Cleaners

This video game has some extremely potent artwork way and helps make a situation for why operating all-around your spending budget is the superior solution for smaller sized studios. You could review it to very similar titles like Disco Elysium because of its brush-stroke-styled textures, but I think it appears to be like distinctive enough. Concentrations are hand-crafted with tons of depth on each and every corner and street artwork plastered about. The presentation is unquestionably a emphasize of our Serial Cleaners evaluation.

The “Arcade” degree

With a jazz soundtrack to retain you engaged at all occasions. There are plenty of seem consequences for many steps, and audio does participate in a aspect in gameplay as perfectly. I feel the over-all sound design and style was stellar. Voice acting is also decent, although the blend was not normally great pertaining to dialogue.


Serial Cleaners is a enjoyment stealth motion video game that pairs various gameplay with fantastic art direction. It doesn’t have the ideal enemy AI in the entire world but makes up for it with its smart amount design, wonderful pacing, and engaging narrative. It manages to do a lot with its premise and helps make cleansing criminal offense scenes a cleansing encounter.

The artwork of all four main characters of Serial Cleaners
Serial Cleaners Cast

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This critique is dependent on the PC version of Serial Cleaners. The critical was furnished by 505 Online games.

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