Commercial Lighting: Why LED Is the Go-To

Lighting your commercial property is a lot more than the illumination concept. Following your setup, the lighting requires a strategic approach. While considering the best lighting solution, among the top factors is its source. Today, you’ll find solutions that not only illuminate but also offer other innovative functionalities like disinfection. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology is the most popular trend in the modern lighting industry. LED light source has and continues to win favor in varying industries owing to their many benefits. Among the top advantages of LED light source includes;


While considering the cost-effectiveness of an LED light source, the winning points are;

  • Lifespan
  • Energy saving

Compared to the incandescent bulb, LED light lifespan is superior. A standard incandescent bulb offers, on average, 1000-2000 hours, while LED averages 4000 -50000 hours. Such a superior lifespan beats any other option. This includes HID, fluorescent, compact (plug-in/screw-based) fluorescent, and halogen lights. With such a lifespan, you won’t keep replacing the bulbs. The upfront investment might seem expensive. Nonetheless, you’ll save a lot more in the long run, even in demanding commercial spaces. The downtime as you replace the bulbs, purchases, and the professional services to keep the lighting at its best can dig deeper into your pockets. The LED light source alleviates such considerations. This saves time, money, and the hassles of managing the lighting.

Energy efficiency further improves your financial savings. Energy efficiency can be defined as the amount of light the bulb emits per unit of power. That’s the concept covered under the watt of a bulb. With the previous technologies, the lumens produced are the primary consideration. Nonetheless, much of the lumens go to waste, unlike with an LED. With an LED, lesser light waste is experienced, translating to more useful lumen and energy saving. After switching from traditional lighting to LED, you’ll notice significant energy savings. This can scale as much as 70% or more following the use and technology you invest in as you upgrade.


The digital age and IoT have and continue to offer innovative solutions. For instance, today, you no longer have to control your air conditioning manually. With smart/intelligent thermostats, keeping your property comfortable is easier. You even get to use your mobile devices and remotely control the system. Such controllability enhances efficiency. With LED, the same can be achieved. LED’s natural digital nature allows seamless integration of various tech measures. Among the options include using;

  • Sensors
  • Controllers
  • Processors and network interfaces

Following your needs, you can go for adaptive, dynamic, and intelligent lighting strategies. You can even use a combination to improve your operations. You can, for example, use measures such as time control or occupancy sensing. With network-connected lighting solutions, you can automate, optimize, and control various elements. Dimming, color-changing, managing light shows; LED controllability options are limitless.  Such control translates to enhanced efficiency.


Lighting your commercial property doesn’t have to affect your branding efforts and aesthetic appeal. With LED’s flexibility, regardless of the shape and size, you have in mind you can find a solution that best matches your situation. Such design flexibility makes it easier to furnish complex commercial lighting requirements. For instance, you can creatively include LED fixtures in your design elements, such as art pieces. They can be designed and positioned to blur or highlight certain features. This makes it easier to capture the attention you desire. With an LED light source, you can kick your branding efforts a notch higher by investing in solutions that blend with the rest of your setting. You won’t have to compromise with the flexible lighting solution, regardless of your architectural designs and branding needs. This makes LED a go-to solution for commercial settings as it supercharges their efforts in maintaining their uniqueness.

Spectral engineering

 SPD (spectral power distribution) control is among the exciting capabilities facilitated by LED tech. SPD control means that engineers can tailor LED’s light composition to fit specific applications. If you are looking for white light applications, the LED’s SPD can be tailored to match the specific CCT (correlated color temperature) and color fidelity. The tech offers the capability to control;

  • The color
  • Light intensity
  • Temperature

LED’s light source SPD contribution offers infinite possibilities. This means that the designer’s imagination is the only limitation. With such flexibility and control, it allows designers to meet a project’s specific requirements with ease.


While considering commercial lighting, safety might not be on top of your mind. Nonetheless, it is an essential consideration. This is especially considering the eyes and skin and their sensitivities. Since they produce no infrared emission and emit insignificant UV, LED is a photobiological safer lighting solution. This is compared to options like fluorescent, incandescent, and metal halide lamps that emit UV that hits the region of the electromagnetic spectrum. With such options, hazardous exposure could lead to skin and eyes problems.

Apart from the exposure, you also need to consider the possible fire and explosions hazards. Such sources produce light through either electrifying gaseous medium or heating tungsten filaments. In case of an improper operation, the lighting solution could lead to an explosion or fire breakout. LED doesn’t involve such a risky process. It converts electric energy into electromagnetic radiation via electroluminescence.

Following your commercial setting, another significant safety consideration is the effect on the surroundings. UV radiation is damaging, especially to organic materials. For instance, your art pieces can deteriorate, including discoloration, at a faster rate. With such concerns in mind, investing in LED is a wise decision, as it doesn’t involve significant radiant energy production.

The clear LED’s contributions like instant full brightness after switching on and at a frequency that the eye can hardly detect are exciting. With the technology, you can enjoy light quality matching your needs and an environment that enhances productivity. The technology offers many more benefits that continue to propel its popularity. The upfront cost is higher than the traditional options. But with the LED technology, your commercial property will save a lot more and enjoy more benefits that make it a wise business strategy.

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