Concept of jihad according to Quraan

What is Jihad

Jihad is a word which is derived from Arabic language. Jihad means “struggle” and “striving” and “holy war” with a sacred aim.

So it is all about jihaad in illustration of Quran and islam. If you want to know and learn more about Islam and Quran click on “letsreadquran

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According to Islamic point of view, Jihad means struggle for the comfort of an individual and for the whole society for the sake of Allah almighty. Struggle for the sake of Allah almighty means struggle against evil deeds, struggle against the non-Muslims and in short “Jihad” means  striving for the well-being of Muslim.   

Many people believe that Jihad means war but Jihad is a vast term and there are many terms and condition that made it a totally different. Jihad may be with weapons or without weapons.

Types of Jihad:

According to Ibn-al-Qayyim-a great Muslim scholar, Muslims will choose Jihad in four conditions:

1- Jihad against their lower self – Jihad-binnafs.

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2- Jihad against satan

3- Jihad against non-Muslims

4- Jihad against hypocrisy

In Islam, Muslims are not allowed to raise their weapons for their own benefits like for money, revenge etc. They are only allowed to raise their voice and weapons when something against Islam and humanity. If there is violation of golden principles of Islam then it is duty of every Muslim to stood against that violation. Being a Muslim, let’s remove these misconceptions of people against Islam.

If a person creates mess for its own benefits then it is not Jihad, not at all. Unfortunately, now a days many artificial Muslims are creating disturbance, create false heaps against Islam and then cover their faults by posing them as jihad. Always keep one thing in mind, Jihad does not mean striving for own purpose and Islam is highly against such steps.

Spread Islam by raising our voice against such people whom are posed to be Muslims but are not Muslims by heart. Here is an exmple that surely make you understand the difference between war and Jihaad.

Issue of 9/11

After the catastrophe of 9/11, Islam has become most widely discussed issue through out the world. Anti-Islamic propaganda flourished this issue through various campaigns. They are still trying to create the image of Muslims as a terrorist. 

Being a Muslim, it’s our morale duty to root out all these seeds of hates. Terrorist has no religion even they are not human.  Jihad is for the sake of Allah and not for personal objectives. 

In Holy Quraan, Allah has clearly described:

“Oh Muslims! Raise your sword in the way of Allah, fight against those who stand against the golden principle of Islam and who violate humanity. Indeed Allah is against Transgressors.”

In Holy Quraan, it is clearly mentioned that those whom shed blood of their brothers have no religion. They are also answerable for their doings on the day of judgement. 

Jihad and Last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) also clearly described this as  

“ Oh Muslims! Stand against those whom are against Islam (means kufaar) but don’t kill children, women, old men and those who rushed towards you for the sake of peace, and if you do not do, so you are also a transgressed. And Allah does not like transgressed.

Quraan and Jihad

In the Holy Quran, the word Jihad fi sabil Allah is frequently used. In Quraan it is clearly described that war and jihad are two different terms.

Brief Difference between War and Jihad

Jihad is for the sake of Allah and only for Allah. The objective of Jihad is to protect Islam while war is for the sake of land, power or for some other capital and purpose.

Jihad is also done to protect humanity and to root out injustice and crimes from society. 


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