Contemporary Tapware: 6 Crucial Factors to Look For

When you plan to renovate or construct your kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas where water is used, always buy the appropriate tapware online for each location. It is important that you pick the right tap for the kitchen and bathroom and never mix up or buy the one which looks odd or doesn’t fit well. Contemporary home designs are one-of-a-kind, and everything in the interior design, including the tapware, needs to look in sync with the decor. The tapware is not a big deal compared to all those fittings in your house, but an odd-looking piece of furniture or fittings can make the whole set-up of the room terrible.

It will help if you buy a tap, which looks good with the washbasin, design, and colour of the room. The tap hole is also significant because if the diameters of the pipe and tap are different by even a millimetre, it won’t fit. If you buy a water tap separately for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to look for the following factors.

Six crucial factors of high-quality tapware are:

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  1. Should fit in with the surrounding

Match the tap to the style of the room. The modern room/bathroom decor has sleek designs, and most sanitarywares are either rectangular or spherical in shape. The circular designs are not out of fashion, but it has to be more than a simple cylindrical tap. It is not advised to go for overly done designs or colours, as they look awkward or odd.

  1. Material used

To have safe and toxic-free water at your home, ensure that the material used to make the tap is of high quality and non-toxic. The high-quality materials include DR bass and non-toxic plastics and elastomers.

  1. Mounting style

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The mounting style of the tap is often ignored, and it will cost you so much later when you realise that it doesn’t fit anywhere or is improper for washbasin and bathroom.

So, what are the mounting types? And where do they belong?

The shower enclosures require wall mount mixers, and bathtubs will need a wall or hob mount. The mixer tap is useful for the basin (vanity), and a mixer combo (mixer & spout) is mounted on the wall above the basin.

  1. High-quality tapware

Whatever your budget is, never settle for a low-quality water tap. The brand, material, colour, coating, and many other factors make tapware high-quality or low-quality. Keep in mind that high prices are never a guarantee for quality products.

  1. Warranty

A good brand will assure you of a warranty. But, always look for what’s included in the policy, and not just years of repair and replacement promised. There may be many brands promising years of after-sale service, but always note whether they provide a warranty for chrome plating and manufacturing defects.

  1. Deal with the best brands

When you buy tapware online, make sure you only buy from popular brands, especially those who keep their products up-to-date with new designs and trends. Purchasing your product from a brand is beneficial as the product will have almost all the factors above, and you don’t need to compare a lot.

If you buy tapware by keeping all these factors in mind, there’s no doubt your purchase will be magnificent.

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