Cool Shipping Container Homes to Get Started With The Latest Trend In Home Building

A shipping container is the hottest trend for homes at this moment. It is a great way for people to get a new home in a small budget. This design is also modern looking that it will leave your neighbour’s jaw-dropping. Shipping container home is a great way to live anywhere. This type of homes is fireproof and low in cost. You can move anywhere with your small shipping container home.

MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home:

This shipping container home from Amazon is a prefabricated tiny house with other homely features like windows and all. It is a tiny house which costs not more than 36,000 dollars. Wisconsin-based shipping container company, MODS international develops this kind of shipping containers. This home will come to you in a fully furnished form and moving it is not a huge task. You may have doubt about the usefulness of this home as it is just a container for you. But trust me on this, this home comes with a kitchen, toilet, shower, and sink.   There is a specialized security lock for the house if you are away. Base plumbing, electrical and water supply connection is not going to be your headache.

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  1. Weizhengheng Easy Install Prefabricated Container House, 20FT:

The Weizhengheng easy install prefabricated container house is great as you can customize it as per your preferences. It is perfect for you if you believe in saving the earth with recycling. The price of this house is just 6000 dollars which are pretty affordable for a house. This home comes with power and lighting settings completely. The standard shipping size is 19.5 feet (5.95 m) long, 15.6 feet (4.76 meters) wide and 8.3 feet (2.52 meters) but you customize it as per your choice. All the materials here is green materials for industries and meets the requirements of CE and CNAS.

  1. Container Home/Tiny House – Pre-Fabricated, Furnished, Brand New, Custom Home:

This shipping container home is worth all 35,000 dollars you will spend on it. It comes with a refrigerator, a two burner stove and granite worktops. ‘New generations builders’ supply this tiny house. It is not as pleasing as a regular small home but you can use it as a log cabin. The design and idea are unique as well. You get everything in this home like a cooker, a fridge, a faucet, a full-size bath with a glass shower area. You may think that this home is not designed enough as per your taste. This home comes with a Cyprus wood tongue and groove ceiling, a built-in granite table & chairs, and a double pane sliding glass door with window tint. The measurement is 45 feet (13.72 meters) long by 8 feet (2.44 meters) wide by 9.5 meters (2.9 meters) high.

  1. Weizhengheng expandable flat pack prefab module container house with solar energy:

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The most exciting thing about this house is that it comes with its power source. You can get power supply without paying bills and be environment-friendly at the same time. The price here is not as crazy as it is just 23000 dollars. The look of this container home is prettier than others. It does not look like it is a shipping container at first glance. The main building elements are made from fiberglass. The PV panel array is featured for a wind power generator system on the roof. You will have control over the entire structure as you can collapse or expand it.


So, these were our take on shipping container house. This home can be as comfortable as any other homes. The added benefit of this home is you are recycling the steels and the elements that could be uselessly left alone in this earth and only increase the pollution even more.

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