Cracking a maths exam

Mathematics is a subject which gives fever to every student. Almost every second student is scared of this subject. But it’s not true. If studied properly in an accurate way then this subject can be really interesting and scoring as well. Thankfully there are some tips that you can use if you want to excel in this subject.


Practice makes a person perfect and this very well applies to maths also. If you are just memorizing the formulas and theorems then you tend to forget it over time. The best way to retain them is by practicing them in different problems. The more you practice the maths problem the better it is. As each problem has its own characteristic it’s important to solve them beforehand. For example, if studying for 6th class you can practice from study material for 6th cbse maths.

Master the key concepts

One can not memorize the process of doing a question. You can only understand the process to solve a question. You need to remember the logics. If you have conceptual clarity then any question within the topic can’t trouble you. This will also help you to understand how you should approach such problems in the future. For say if you are preparing for 6th class maths exam then cbse class 6 math study material can help you in concept clarity.

Proper study environment

The environment in which you study is very important and impact your studies a lot. The productivity of your study depends upon your studying environment. If you have a poised, distracting free study environment then your productivity just multiplies. It’s scientifically proven that a piece of good music can create a relaxing atmosphere and stimulate the flow of information.

Pay attention and clear doubts

You need to keep your concepts crystal clear. In case of doubts in any concept or any problem, you can seek help from your friends, teachers, mentors or you can even take online help. You need to pay attention to details as a single misplaced positive or negative sign or decimal sign can lead you to losing marks. While going to a new chapter keep on revising the old one too.

Mock tests

It’s very important to access yourself. You need to be aware of the exam pressure and how you are going to react while seeing your question paper. Create an exam like environment at home or at whatever place you study. Give the mock tests in exactly the same situation in which you will actually give your exam. This will help you to experience the experience of examination hall beforehand.

Time management

Most of us take it leniently but it’s very important to manage your time while preparing for your maths exam. As you will have limited time in your exam so you need to analyze how much time you take to solve a particular problem. This will help you manage your time during exams and also increase your speed in attempting the paper.

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