The Increasing Rage of Creative Monogram Toppers For Wedding Cakes

When it came to getting a customized cake for a wedding or anniversary, figurines of the groom and bride have been very casual. We cannot deny that this trend has been there for centuries and is still surviving. Couples normally used to add a personal touch to their cake just to do a simple act of traditional wedding. However, nowadays, the whole scenario has changed. 

The majority of the couples are now considering the trend of these lovely monogram cakes for their wedding. However, if you haven’t planned for your wedding cake yet, a monogram topper traditional cake could be the most suitable option for you. Here are a few reasons why bucking to this trend would be a perfect idea. 

More of a Contemporary Look 

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Cakes have been a long-standing ethic for celebrations, especially for weddings around the world. Where the typical male-female topper would be something boring and way too outdated, you actually should go for something modern like a monogram topper. Once you have located a bakery in Encino specializing in customized cakes, you can simply ask them to make one with your cake that perfectly suits the whole theme. Well, we have to admit that monograms are not just limited to being trendy but are also a time-tested staple when a couple unites in a pure bond of love. Putting it in simple words shows the union of two different people who are meant to be together forever. 

Colors that Match Your Reception 

Wedding monogram cakes nimbly give the privilege to match a topper with the colors of your reception event. Visit any trusted Encino bakery and ask the designer to match it to the theme. Generally, expert bakers can make it for you in a variety of fonts and sizes; they could be hand-painted, printed, or hand-crystallized in your favorite choice of color. 

Design That Compliments 

Yes, you heard it right. As a couple, you can literally design the look of your monogram as there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. And guess what else comes as a plus point here? Nowadays, it is also possible to have an edible topper for your monogram wedding cake. 

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Adding that Personal Touch

Last but not least, you should always choose a monogram customized cake that clearly features the initials of the couple’s name. This will add a special personal touch to the cake while making it more fun and interesting. 

Ultimately, monogram cakes across all the bakeries in Encino are becoming more and more popular as most couples are interested in trying something new for their wedding. Cake table letters and creative cake toppers are fun to use as decor on the wedding cake. They look elegant and fit well into the wedding theme while being an unforgettable memento for later in life. 




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