Cutting Edge Safety Technologies Invented by Mazda

Mazda is a brand name in the industry of automotive that has always led the way to a better driving experience from all possible directions. So, when it comes to car safety and road safety, we can safely build up a tall expectation from this brand to come up with some rock solid solutions. Knowing this fact well, Mazda did meet our expectation by inventing a handful of cutting edge technologies that will keep the people safe inside and out of the latest Mazda cars.

When we wanted to know more about the cutting edge safety technologies of Mazda, we asked an expert who serves at the Phoenix Mazda dealership.

Aiming at Better Safety

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He said that at Mazda, the primary aim while building up is to maketheir customers happy with both the pleasure of driving and maintaining an outstanding environmental balance while delivering an utmost safety performance.

On the basis of this philosophy, Mazda conducts itsresearch and development on car safety that can create asociety which is free from the fright and plight of road and caraccidents. To make this possible, and materialize the ideas, Mazda has undertaken the initiative to work upon three major areas, which are i) vehicles, ii) road infrastructure, and iii) people.

The technology that they came up with addressing these three aspects of driving is given the name i-activsense and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) which we will discuss a bit in details.


By giving the technology a name likei-Activsense, Mazda wanted to refer to an umbrella term that will address a series of safety issues and probabilities with its most advanced safety technologies with the help of milli-wave radars and high end cameras.

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These technologies are meant to help the driver in recognizing all the potential hazards. These are called pre-crash safety technologies that will act to avert all the conditions that can lead to a collision in the first place, and then they will cat in accordance with each other to reduce the severity of the impact in case a collision  becomes inevitable.

ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

ITS  (Intelligent Transport Systems) is yet another will reduce the number ofroad accidents as well as traffic congestion with the help of real time information received on humans, roads, and automobiles through the use of telecommunication technologies and thereafter transmitted to the drivers on the road. It will also take into its lap the role of government, make the local communities participate in the same, and ask the technology related companies to help in creating a society that will no more be disrupted and threatened by road accidents.

Both the application of ITS and i-ACTIVSENSE, can be seen working on increasing the visibility options for the driver with the help of 360degrees cameras that can let them know what’s going on around the car in real while the ITS technology will alert the drivers about the presence of any obstacle that can cause a collision or run over with the help of sensors and radars.

At the Mazda Phoenix dealership, the experts were proud to announce that every Mazda vehicle that are being released these days are mostly equipped with these cutting edge safety technologies either as standard or optional equipment depending upon the trim and mode you choose.

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