Dark fantasy technique recreation Gord seems to be like a Diablo town supervisor

Remember the crappy little starting city in Diablo 2? It is really an encampment (opens in new tab), technically: A several tents and wagons with a wall to retain out skeletons. Now imagine that as a substitute of a hero passing through on their way to struggle the satan, you’re the mayor of that dreadful place. That’s the circumstance in upcoming tactic sport Gord (opens in new tab), much more or considerably less.

Handling a Slavic folklore-motivated darkish fantasy town does not appear straightforward or uncomplicated, intellect you. From the glimpse of the new Gord gameplay online video embedded above, it is as thankless a career as working an ice age city in Frostpunk, and there is certainly a lot to it: source gathering, city layout, citizen administration, and on prime of all that, a little bit of RPG adventuring and beat.

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