Darktide Veteran build: Weapons, curios, and feats

The greatest Darktide Veteran establish sets you up to take on the worst that chaos can toss at you, with an array of ranged weapons (opens in new tab) that tends to make them experts at sniping. Irrespective of whether they’re mowing down tides of pox walkers, or choosing off the elite enemies that Darktide throws at you, the Veteran’s arsenal—from Plasma Rifle to the humble Shovel—gets the career done.

Whilst the Veteran may be the king of ranged battle, they’re no slouch when they stop up in the thick of the melee either. If you want to continue to be on top rated and see your workforce by means of to the end of the mission, just remember to consistently be sniping down harmful elite enemies. If you are new to the entire Darktide release, you can locate out extra about Darktide’s classes (opens in new tab), get the finest Zealot build (opens in new tab), or even the lowdown on the cosmetics (opens in new tab) if you’re sick of the prisoner-stylish. So here’s the finest Veteran establish:

The best Darktide Veteran build

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