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tale-go Is there any time to tell stories and hear? Probably it would have happened. Or would it not transpire. But just one issue definitely transpires. Tales, stories are appealing to all people. It would be far better if they were being existing on time. If it is not, it is of the previous, even then it is not lousy. Simply because they usually go not only by telling us some thing, but also by teaching. Provides again reminiscences of our moments. Even following sweetening the spices of the major kinds, they drink it softly. That is why ‘Dastaan-Go’ has started out, the course of action of bringing exciting stories to your cherished ones. Will attempt to continue on this method. Monday to Friday, everyday…


Sir, Take into consideration a flat in the developing ‘Janak Building’ at the area of Ramayana Highway in Calcutta. Below ‘Shahana’ is an aged man of stature and appearance, passing the times of poverty. They have 3 daughters and 1 son. All 4 loaded and famed. But at this time all four have remaining them on your own. Why? Enable them know the cause for this. But none of them comes to see them. Even with this, these elderly people today are paralyzed. He are not able to get up from the mattress. They do not have a household to dwell in. There is no income for procedure. And this residence in which they have received shelter, its arrangement has also been carried out by Pradeep Kundalia, a businessman from Calcutta. He has also remaining a boy on the flat for his care. Also, he is also bearing the bills of cure and so forth. In concerning, when they get time, they come right here to see them.

Kundalia has recognised this ‘Shahana’ temperament for a long time. Regard them. That is why as quickly as they appear to know that they are passing the times of failure. are in a state of scarcity. Because then he has built all these arrangements for them. The boy who is engaged for their care, also provides them a large amount of respect. Is ‘non’, but will take treatment of them more than his individual. just about every time. He is called ‘Papaji’. But ‘Papaji’ has nothing left to give to this ‘own boy’. There utilized to be a time when wealth, fame. Identify, what they did not have. But now they get tempted even for a number of breaths. And a person day those people breaths also go away together. Which is the place the age of 76 yrs stops. They leave this environment leaving behind that ‘his boy’ alone. This is from the yr 2001. Nevertheless, that boy has not still left them nonetheless.

The name of this boy is explained to be Sagar Chaudhary. It is stated that in an office environment in Calcutta’s ‘Park Center’, they work currently. After receiving absent from the operate there, they also do the function of cleansing somewhere. So that he can earn additional than that and with this cash can celebrate the birthday of ‘Papaji’. Each and every yr on January 4, the birthday of his ‘papaji’ falls. And sir, do you know the identify of these ‘papaji’ of the ocean? Pradeep Kumar, who made use of to be a perfectly-identified actor in the movie earth at just one time. Pradeep Kumar, about whom it was explained that if any person can correctly engage in the role of Emperor, Shahzada, Raja, Rajkumar on the film display screen, he is the only a person. Pradeep Kumar, who had recognized a ‘Shahana’ id in the movie entire world throughout the decades immediately after 1950 and 1960.

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar, who appeared as Badshah Jahangir with Meena Kumari in movies like ‘Adil-e-Jahangir’ (1955) and ‘Noor Jahan’ (1967). While in the movie ‘Anarkali’ (1953) he took the visual appearance of Shahzada Jahangir, ‘Anarkali of the film screen’ with Bina Rai. He also appeared in the type of ‘Badshah’ with yet another well known actress of that era, Mala Sinha. In the movie of the exact title, in the yr 1954. He did about eight films with Mala Sinha. These consist of ‘New Age’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Detective’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Ek Shola’, ‘Don’t believe that the world’, ‘Gold in the soil’. When with Meena Kumari did near to seven films. Aside from the two talked about previously, ‘Bandhan’, ‘Chitralekha’, ‘Bahu-Begum’, ‘Bheegi Raat’ and ‘Aarti’. In some movies like ‘Sambandh’ of 1969, he appeared in powerful character roles. When in the last round yet again the king.

In the year 1983, effectively-recognised filmmaker Kamal Amrohi made ‘Razia Sultan’ and launched it. It is explained that although creating this film, he did not even feel of any other actor other than Pradeep Kumar for the purpose of Badshah in it. These an impact was managed by Pradeep Kumar in the film entire world. Pradeep sahib made use of to belong to the Bengali talking fanatic Bengali Barhman spouse and children. But Urdu and Hindi made use of to be spoken in this kind of a way that even individuals who simply call these languages ​​as their personal, at the time they develop into restless to study from them, listen to them. It is claimed that Pradeep Kumar had learned Hindi, Urdu especially to enjoy the people of emperors, emperors, princes in films, to give lifestyle to them. So that no one particular at any time gets bewildered by people who see and listen to them on the screen. And really, his stature, visual appearance, personality, every little thing was often ‘Shahana’.

Despite the fact that there have to have been some simplicity for Pradeep sahib in creating this id, it is not so. As now explained to. He belonged to the staunch Bengali Barhman household. The relatives members gave the identify Sheetal Batbayal. The hobby of observing flicks begun at an early age. The ‘Dada Muni’ of ‘Alluq’ from Bengal applied to see the pics of Ashok Kumar. That is when it came to my intellect that I have to go to the movie earth. Started having component in plays and so on in faculty, college or university. Following this, a person working day when he would have been 17-18 several years old (born in 1925), he pointed out for the first time in the residence, ‘I want to go to the movies’. Experienced to listen to so significantly that there was a storm in the dwelling. Walid was furiously indignant. But they failed to budge. Even after buying the displeasure of the household members, Walid took techniques in the direction of the movie environment. Pradeep sahib himself has mentioned this in some interviews.

Pradeep Kumar

During a dialogue with Tabassum, a nicely-identified face of movies, one particular time Pradeep sahab experienced told, ‘I started out the film journey as an assistant cameraman. Then the famous filmmaker Debaki Bose brought me in front of the camera. When I labored in his film ‘Alaknanda’, men and women began noticing me from there. At this time my age should have been some 19-20 yrs. Soon after that I came to Bombay. There Shashadhar Mukherjee and Dada-Muni started off Filmistan Studio. joined them. When my first a few films beneath that banner – ‘Anand Math’ (1952), ‘Anarkali’ (1953) and ‘Naagin’ (1954) were being introduced, the bus begun moving from there. Absolutely everyone is aware the story that lies ahead of him. Sir, the journey of Pradeep sahib started out from in this article, there arrived a time when his 10 movies were staying produced in a year.

Having said that, in spite of this some folks say that ‘Shah of the film screen’ Pradeep Sahab could by no means turn out to be the ‘Shahenshah of the box office’. This means his films did not generate cash on the foundation of his title, his functionality, his confront. It is also explained that he could not get paid as a great deal wealth as he acquired from movies. It is explained that even their youngsters still left them destitute to die at the previous minute. Whilst one of his kids, Bina Mukherjee, had built a ton of title and dollars by performing in films, serials and so on. But he also did not support his father in the previous spherical. What’s more, the problem of the date of departure of Pradeep sahib also continues to be like this that ‘Jitne Mouth Utne Baatein’. Some say this day as 28 Oct. Some people’s thoughts quit on November 3. So several persons inform 27 October.

For this story, this day of Pradeep sahib’s death, 27th Oct is regarded appropriate as most of the persons consider it to be correct. In these there are men and women involved with the film earth, there is also the confirmation of some folks who know Pradeep sahib. On the other hand, the problem of authenticity of those mentioned factors continue to continues to be that why did their youngsters leave their father helpless like this at the previous moment? What ever prosperity, recognition, fame he attained from the movie planet, why could it not operate at the final second? Soon after all, did it come about that ‘Shah of the film screen’ turned like a muflis in the very last period of authentic existence? Why even right now a ‘Gair’ (Sagar Choudhary) has to celebrate the birthday of his ‘Pradeep Papaji’ every single year by raising dollars from cleansing operate like this? All such concerns keep on being associated to the existence of Pradeep sahib. The mist on them should really be cleared. It is improved that their loved ones users, who know them closely, choose this initiative.

That’s all for right now. God Hafiz.

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