Dead Woman In India Receives “Second Dose” Of Coronavirus Vaccine 

Patna, Bihar: The family of a woman, who passed away in India 2 months ago, were left in complete shock after they received a message saying that she had successfully administered her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Her husband was the one who saw the message on his phone.

Talking about what happened, Ram Udgar Thakur, the husband of Lalo Devi, said:

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“My wife died due to illness in village Kharmauli under Veerpur block on September 19. The Planning and Development Department of Bihar has also issued death certificate on the same date. Now, we have received Corona vaccination certificate from health department, two months after her death.”

On November 25, 2021, the prime health center of Verrpur organized a vaccination camp in Kisan Bhawan.

After the camp, a vaccination certificate was issued in the name of Lalo Devi, who had passed away a couple of months ago.

The vaccination certificate issued to the dead person was uploaded on social media and is currently a hot topic in the country.

Locals and opposition parties in India believe that the incident is just one prime example of how the government of Bihar is trying to increase the data of vaccination in the state.

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