A Guide on How to Deal With “Non-Injury” Car Accidents

Accidents are scary and inconvenient. Even a non-injury vehicle accident can be annoying. When you drive, you risk a crash. Nobody can avoid a crash, even with safeguards.

Over 6.7 million car accidents were reported to authorities in the United States in 2018. Less than one percent of accidents were fatal, and 28% incurred injuries. Consequently, 71 percent of recorded collisions involve no injuries.

Because of the great risk, always be prepared.

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In the Event of an Uninjured Car Accident, What Should You Do?

It’s crucial to be prepared for any accident, whether or not you are hurt. The primary point to remember is not to panic. Stay cool until you’re sure you’re safe. If you crash on a major route, try to avoid oncoming traffic. If there’s no traffic, leave the car as is. You’ll need photos to support your argument. Before leaving your car, ensure sure other vehicles are stopped. Make sure nobody is hurt. Even if you don’t feel wounded, contact for medical help. They’ll check for interior injuries. If you’re harmed, you’ll want to know quickly for your protection and case.

Inform the police about the crash. While you wait, share the following: name, address, driver’s license, contact information, license plate, and insurance information.

Pictures of the scene are a good idea if you have this information. Include the accident site and car damage.

Is it Necessary to Make a Non-Injury Car Crash Report?

Even without injuries, you should report an automobile accident. First, call the police. You’ll need this crash report. Insurance companies will deny claims without a police report.

Insurance claims aren’t limited. You should act quickly if you intend to submit a claim to your or the other driver’s insurance. After a car accident, insurance companies recommend doing this in a few days.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Non-Injury Car Crash?

A prevalent myth is that no one was injured, and you don’t need a lawyer. If your car is damaged, hire a lawyer.

In a non-injury vehicle collision, you can still obtain compensation. A competent lawyer can help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies prefer you don’t have a lawyer. Reasons include: They may offer you less than you deserve. Without a negotiator, they may lowball you. Insurance companies may deny claims. To avoid this, hire non-injury car accident lawyers.

If I wasn’t Hurt in a Car Accident, Can I Still Sue?

Even if you were not hurt, you still have the right to sue. Here comes the statute of limitations.

Some states give you two years to sue after a non-injury car collision. Wrongful death and injury cases follow the same rules. You must submit your case within two years following the accident. After the deadline, no court will hear your case. Keep it in mind if you decide on litigation over a settlement.

Legal representation is recommended when dealing with the court or an insurance provider.

How Much can I Get from a Car Accident Without Injuries?

Whether there are injuries or not depends on the type of collision. A lawyer can estimate vehicle damage. Compensation includes repair costs.

Your losses from the accident will also be considered. If car damage keeps you from working, that’s an economic loss. If your lawyer can prove you lost income from the accident, you’ll get more money.

How much money you can get depends on how good your lawyer is.

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