Debate: Is Data Science a Future Replacement to Information Technology?

On an average 150,000 engineering and diploma graduates pass out of the IT colleges all over India, and the number is only slated to grow by thrice by 2025. Compared to this, only 20,000 or less number of data scientists (as per the latest job board statistics) are available in the market. These numbers reflect how wide the gap is between the number of IT professionals and Data Scientists. As the boundaries between IT and Data Science fade away with the growing amount of innovation in technologies, there is obviously a scope for IT professionals to break into the Data management job market. However, there is an impending danger hanging on the IT job market.

But first …
What is IT?

Information Technology is defined as the application of computers, storage, networking and physical hardware devices, and supporting peripherals that help to create, process store and exchange electronic forms. In recent times, IT teams also handle software and their installation. As data governance and privacy laws come to force, IT teams are entrusted with building an infrastructure of hardware, software, virtualization, Cloud and other essential operational functions.

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Popular IT roles in the organization

∙ Chief Information Officer (CIO)
∙ Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
∙ IT Director
∙ Analysts
∙ IT Engineer
∙ Systems Admin
∙ Developer/ Architect

By 2025, these roles could see a major evolution with the market swinging heavily in favor of those individuals that have skills and expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Visualization and Big Data Analytics.

That’s why, focus on Data Science.

Here are clear-cut statistics and predictions from the leading sources that show how Data Science could replace most of the current IT roles by 2025.

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– According to an annual survey in recruitment in India, there will be a 300% growth in the salary range of certified data science candidates with IT background.
– New data science related roles such as Data Empowerment Manager, Chief Privacy Officer, Social Media Data Analyst, Intent Data Analyst and Blockchain Engineer could further proliferate into the IT roles that are currently available in the market.
– Blockchain App development could replace at least 50% of the existing workforce in the IT roles at a mid-management level. This would be brought about by virtue of refined automation, big data and analytics technologies.
– 48% of the current workforce holding IT-related titles is certainly looking to earn and improve their programming experience with Data Science subjects.
– 90% of the current online course in Data Science has candidates who are either experienced (2 years or more) or fresh graduates in B.E/B.Tech. in Information Technology.
– The uncertainty among IT professionals looking to make a jump into Data Science is disappearing. 35% of IT professionals are confident about making a successful transition from their current IT roles to Data Science, while 30% are still unsure.

If you don’t want to get sandwiched into the IT- Data Science job fight, you should focus on getting a certificate from Data Science course in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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