Debunking Security Myths Related to BPOs!

You must have often heard that outsourcing is not good and you may be risking your business data with outsourcing to an external partner. However, is it true?

Well, myths believe that outsourcing is a great threat to business data. Nevertheless, it is not true always. Yes, we accept that outsourcing requires certain restrictions and proper documentation to keep a check on the data of the partner. However, saying outsourcing is a threat to the business is wrong.

Outsourcing to a reliable BPO company, you will not lose access to your personal business information. BPO companies very well know that data is significant for every business’s health and any threat to the same can be disastrous.

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Well, this is why business process outsourcing companies take data security very seriously. These companies have proper documentations and rules for security checks and you get the chance to be satisfied with the same before finalizing to outsource.

Various companies provide outsourcing facilities, however, it is important to outsource to a company that best suits your budget, expectations, matches the expertise you need and has the adequate data security rules that can efficiently handle your safety. Before finalizing your partner, make sure you research well and land up with a reliable partner with good work experience.

Information leak can be a nightmare for companies, which is why companies hesitate to outsource. Well, if you are a newly established company and wonder what is correct, we are here to help!

We bring you some myths that you need not believe about outsourcing companies, check out:

1. A check on employees.

The first thing every BPO does to handle any possible threat to data is a check on employees. Do not worry as BPOs have certain guidelines and restrictions for the staff, thus they cannot steal your data. The staffs also go through a security check of their background before getting hired.

If someone says that the BPO staff will leak your customer data, it is wrong. There is no such possibility as the staff works under strict guidelines and their computers’ are under check always.

No agent can steal and sell your customer data, thus you can easily outsource to a BPO without fear. When you outsource to a BPO company, they make you aware of the security measures and once you are satisfied with the same, only then are you asked to accept their proposal.

Call centres understand the significance of customer data and that any threat to the same can be disastrous to the business health, thus security is supreme.

2. IT team at support.

BPOs have a dedicated team that is available at support whenever your business needs them. Thus, be assured that your technical queries will always be resolved on time.

Moreover, hiring and training the in-house staff for IT support can be a great mess. It is not possible for every business to waste time in training the agents again and again and have a separate team to take care of the same.

Well, this is why outsourcing to BPOs is considered a better option as they have a team of experienced agents who make services available within a limited budget. What more would a business ask for!

Several myths believe that IT issues are not the cup of tea for BPO companies. Nevertheless, it is just a MYTH!

3. Good communication.

Several companies believe the myth that outsourcing the calling service to a BPO firm; your company loses effective customer-business communication.

Well, it is totally wrong! BPOs’ aim to help you out with effective communication with customers, which is why they dive in your services to understand your functions well. After understanding the potential partners’ services and expectations, they carry on thinking about strategies for interacting with the clients’ customers.

BPOs provide you with access to recordings of agent-customer communication. This way you can keep a check on them to assure the best quality service to the customer.

Will you still believe that BPOs are not good at communication? Well, the choice is yours!

4. Highly efficient tech system.

Every BPO has a tracking system that checks every computer allotted to the agents. The tasks performed by each staff are under online surveillance. Thus any possibility of malware or data leak threat is checked and is reported immediately.

Even if an agent tries to copy any data, the system will automatically lock the access and will inform the supervisors to take strict actions. Thus, outsourcing to BPOs you need not worry about data threat ever.

Not only monitoring, but the efficient tech systems used in BPOs change the password logins time-to-time to avoid data theft. Thus any technical error or any other malware possibility is easily noted and restricted.

Consequently, outsourcing to a BPO company is safe!

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