Dedicated Server Vs Cloud Hosting: Select the Best Option for Your Web Site

Today there is a lot of competition in the hosting industry because of which in the market there are billions of options available. In their quality, services such as the Reseller, cloud, VPS, and dedicated are improving continuously. It is a very tedious thing to opt for the correct hosting provider for your own website. The task becomes more tedious if you are a newbie to the industry. Initially one may choose a small plan but later the needs may get expanded in the coming future. Hence one requires a service that may get scaled automatically as per the needs. Examining both things help you choose the best hosting plan for you. Dedicated server Bangkok is much in demand these days.

The dedicated Server Bangkok is the type of hosting where the client leases the entire server on its own and doesn’t share it with others. This process is much flexible when compared with shared hosting as all the organizations have complete control over their own servers and everything is completely customized. All the servers are located in Bangkok, Thailand data center. The cheap dedicated server Bangkok is in demand these days. Bangkok dedicated servers are available at nominal prices which lead to their popularity in the market. The dedicated server Bangkok offers the following amenities to its users which includes:-

  • Good performance
  • Full Control
  • Security
  • Value of Money
  • Private Networking
  • Additional Services

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Dedicated Server 

Dedicated Server

In our country, the highly preferable and the most expensive hosting type is the dedicated server hosting. With the dedicated server in Bangkok, Thailand the owner receives or gets the complete server along with the required resources. The user has complete control on the main server. And his user is not permitted to share the server with others. In case when your website gets much traffic and there is an increase in the visitor’s count then it will result in good utilization of all the resources. In the case of dedicated servers, there are mainly two kinds of hosting services:- Managed and Unmanaged. In the case of managed hosting, all the issues are managed properly. The client queries are handled. In case if the server is rented by you to someone then it will provide the 24*7 support services to you. Whereas in the case of the unmanaged hosting a person is completely responsible for the server it takes. To tackle issues detailed knowledge of techniques is required. The dedicated server Bangkok is in much demand these days. It is very efficient to use. For the clients, the dedicated server provides long-lasting advantages. Various businesses can be operated through the configuration types. One can elegantly manage all the data. Dedicated servers help in increasing the performance and security, they help to access the IP address, help in customization and fast scalability, and helps to enhance the reliability.

The pros and cons of the dedicated servers are enlisted below:-

Pros: Server full control, server management, powerful, better server performance, isolated completely.

Cons:- Much expensive, Required continuous monitoring, hard to get all data back, Require high technical knowledge

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting

In the case of the Cloud Server Hosting the multiple separate servers work together like a huge server.  It consists of the advanced and the most developed plan when the comparison is done with different hosting solutions. If you want to optimize the IT Performance and invest a huge amount then cloud hosting is the right fit option for you. Many of the medium-sized businesses will depend on the variable demand. For meeting requirements, cloud servers are preferred by the workloads. The configuration of the cloud servers is done to offer much security and good performance. Pay per usage is done in the case of the cloud server. The resources can be scaled horizontally, vertically, and automatically without the downtime.

Pros:-Reliability, Customization, Affordability, Simplicity, Traffic distributor, Suitable for any business, Easy app deployment, Security, Pay per usage, Scalability

Cons:- Potentially insecure, For tackling issues web server’s advanced knowledge

Differences between Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting:

Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting

Some of the major common differences between the Dedicated Hosting and Cloud hosting are illustrated in the points mentioned below:-

  1. Only one single dedicated operating system is supported by the Cloud along with Linux, Unix.,Windows, MS, and more.While dedicated operating systems are supported by the dedicated servers. From the pre-approved OS list, the providers will ask you to choose.
  2. When compared to the cloud hosting the dedicated server is much more expensive. From $50 onwards is the dedicated server price range and it all depends upon the plan. While in the case of the cloud service one pays as per the usage. One is charged for the storage and the utilized storage time.
  3. There are remote installation or uninstall/reinstall OS on the server in case of the cloud hosting. Whereas in the case of the dedicated server it’s very tedious to reinstall or uninstall OS on the main server.
  4. One can instantly reboot the frozen server in case of cloud hosting. Whereas in the case of the dedicated servers one m will hardly have the chance for rebooting the frozen server.
  5. In the case of the cloud server, the resources are attained very quickly. While that of the dedicated server it may take a very long time such as weeks.
  6. In the case of the cloud server in a simple click or the automated API one can do the upgradation of the servers. While in the case of the dedicated servers some manual processes need to be followed.

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