Dell Laptop Problems and their Solutions

Dell is the one of the most popular company. It is a multinational computer corporation company. It was founded by Michael Dell. In 1988, the company changes its name from PCs limited to Dell computer corporation. Dell EMC is a subsidiary oh Dell technologies. The products of the company are desktops, servers, printers, notebooks, netbooks and so on. The company is selling the own products of laptops, netbooks, and desktops.

Dell Company is selling a large number of different types of laptops to the customer such as Inspiron, XPS etc. But sometimes dell users face some issues with Dell Laptops.

Here we are discussing some technical problems related to the Dell Laptops. Problems are any types either its Hardware or Software and surely you will know about as well as its solution.

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Error establishing a connection with Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology. This technology replaces the cable connecting electronic devices. It is used to transfer data over short distance. The different types of Bluetooth accessories are radios, headphones, speakers and so on. But the Dell users have faced an error when they try to connect to a device. Actually, it depends on the device you are pairing with. This issue takes place depend on software issues on your device.


Check your Hardware Functionality: Initially, you need to confirm that a device that you are trying to pair with your device or not. You have to check it without a Bluetooth device like a phone. When you are sure that your device is working but your laptop has some issue then you need to decrease the distance and disable other connections like Wifi.


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Headphone working or not: Headphone is a hardware device, this is a small device that can be worn in your ears. It has two ears padded attached by a band that is placed over your head. Dell users have faced an issue when laptop headphones are not able to work accurately.


Set headphone as a default device:

  1. Plug the headphone into your laptop. If your device is not set as automatically default, then you need to set your default device.
  2. Press Win+X key, then navigate to control panel.
  3. Goto “Category” option
  4. Click on “Hardware and sound” and press “Sound”.
  5. In some cases, you are unable to find headphone option. Then, in this case, you have to choose “ Set default” button and press OK button.


Not Enough Memory: Mostly Dell laptops runs on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Not enough memory problems happen when the computer overload with too much data. This is a serious problem. Symptoms of Not enough Memory are:

  • Bluescreen
  • Shutdown or startup problem
  • Installation errors
  • Program lock-ups


Increase Virtual Memory: Increase your Dell’s virtual memory by increasing the amount of VRAM. VRAM stands for Virtual Random Access Memory. This can increase the performance of your programs and prevent you from getting an error message.

If you are Dell Laptop user and wants to get fix your laptops related problems then feel free to contact our Dell Support contact number 1-8448914883.

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