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I wrote before about the dustup between Sen. Ed Markey (D-WA) and Elon Musk but there are a several extra details that I needed to strike on.

Markey blamed Musk for a Washington Article reporter impersonating Markey with a pretend account with a blue check mark.

Now, I wrote about some of the confusion established by the Twitter Blue subscription, by individuals obtaining blue checks by shelling out for the services. Certainly, that designed some issues and Musk suspended the service to work out the kinks and reports are that it will probably be coming again subsequent 7 days.

While Markey wanted to blame the impersonation on Musk, it was performed by the reporter with the permission of Markey, as the reporter acknowledged, noting he 1st impersonated a comedian’s account and “Then I did my exam once again with the permission of a US senator, Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.).”

Then Markey utilised it to blow a gasket and demand answers in a formal letter to Musk, even however he, Markey, experienced greenlit the effort and hard work.

But that was not all. Markey didn’t just make individuals demands in that letter to Musk. Markey also warned Musk extremely particularly that if he failed to “fix” his organizations, Congress would take care of them for him.

“One of your providers is less than an FTC consent decree,” Markey ranted. “Auto protection watchdog NHTSA is investigating an additional for killing folks. And you happen to be paying out your time picking fights on the internet. Correct your firms. Or Congress will.”

Did a sitting down senator just threaten somebody for trolling him, to go soon after him for speech or political place? It sure appears like that. Who is the fascist once again? Hint: It’s not the Republicans, it under no circumstances was. Politicians provide us, they do not rule around us and get to threaten us for questioning them. This is neither typical nor right.

1 Twitter consumer also noted that Markey’s tweet was deceptive.

Quite a few on Twitter claimed Markey was abusing his energy.

That had some wondering and speculating about the coordination amongst the reporter and Markey.

I don’t know about any more involvement of others, but it does feel like they had been building an excuse to go after Musk and Twitter.

Then shouldn’t the two Markey and the reporter be suspended for faking accounts? Impersonators get suspended except if they have parody marked in their accounts.

But isn’t really it odd that quickly there’s all this consideration on Musk who wants a system of totally free speech and open to all, not controlled by the Democratic narrative? Amusing how that will work.

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