Dental Elevators
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Dental Elevators: Relevance in Surgery

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What are Dental elevators?

These are diverse instruments, used in various types of dental procedures. These are steel devices with narrow ends used to apply pressure for luxation purposes. This helps sever the periodontal ligament which connects teeth with the alveolar bones. Elevators can also help in accessing the area between the roots by expanding it. this expansion helps improve tooth mobility inside its socket. This is a versatile tool that assists a surgeon in accessing the oral cavity and completing precise surgical processes.

Uses: Relevance in surgery

An elevator can fulfill various purposes during a surgical procedure. These include reflection of mucoperiosteum, mobilization, and root removal as well as extractions. Furthermore, dental Elevators are used for

  • Reflection of the gingiva or mucoperiosteal membrane to prepare the tooth for extraction
  • For pre-extraction processes before the use of extraction forceps
  • To luxate overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • For removal of compromised and fractured roots
  • Subgingival or difficult to reach areas
  • For splitting them after a groove is placed in them
  • Expanding the soft tissue around teeth for better access and examination
  • To severe the periodontal ligament 
  • For alveolar bone expansion

Precautions to consider when using elevators

As one of the most widely used dental surgery instruments, surgeons must consider the following rules when using elevators

  • The interdental bone should be used as a fulcrum as opposed to the tooth next to or adjacent to the one being extracted.
  • The lingual or buccal plates should also be avoided. Using them as a fulcrum may result in fractures
  • Dentists must use finger guards to prevent a slip of the dental elevator
  • Make sure that when using the elevator its flat or concave surface is facing the element you want to remove
  • Pressure should only be applied towards the tooth being extracted and no other part of the oral cavity

How are these tools classified?

They are categorized based on their uses and form.

According to uses:

Periosteal Elevators: for reflection of mucoperiosteum

1L-1R: for removal of the entire tooth

30-40-5: for removal of broken roots in the gingival row

30-40-5, 14L-14R, and 11L-11R: for the removal roots that are compromised before the apex

Apical fragment ejectors no. 1,2,3: for the removal of the epical third from the root

According to Form:

Straight (wedge type, straight apex)

Angular (Left and right)

Cross Bar (right-angled handle for better application of force and reduced exertion)

Types of dental elevators:

Variations in design help fulfill varying purposes in the operating room. A few of the commonly used elevators are: 

Molt Periosteal Elevators

This surgical tool has a sharp pointy end. Used to loosen mucosa from the bone; this is widely used equipment for humans and animals. Dentists also use this to reflect the flap between the teeth and to separate the mucosa and periosteum as one layer. This type of elevator can reduce the need for overexertion and excessive pressure on the tooth significantly.

Root tip pick

Also known as the root tip elevator, this tool can be defined as a precision instrument. During extractions, the tips that break free often end up in difficult-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. Root tip picks help retrieve these tips and remove them safely from the mouth. Root tip picks are essentially designed to conduct apicoectomy. This is a reusable tool that can last years if maintained and stored properly. 

Crane pick elevator

A crane pick elevator is a tool designed to facilitate the removal of roots, fragments of a broken root or to loosen the root for removal. Ideal for atraumatic application, this variation reduces trauma and exertion on the surrounding oral structure. You can find variations in said tool to work effectively on different oral structures.

Where to order?

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They offer a wide range of surgical devices that will last years before an upgrade or replacement is needed. in case there is a need for replacement, their processes are quite simple and cost relatively lower than their peers. You can also customize new designs or order complete sets from them.

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