Fleet Tracking and Management: The importance of handling the fleet through apps for transport business

Technology has made information sharing paperless. Companies are beginning to incline towards advanced technologies than traditional ones. Fleets dispatch thousands of goods at different venues. Locating the fleet and gathering information is a tedious task. The tradition of enquiring about the status of the vehicle through calls is long gone. Tracking options through apps have brought in a revolution in the transportation industry. Fleet management is beneficial to taxi booking companies and logistics companies. This fleet tracking and management app lead to rapid business operations.

What is Fleet tracking and management? How does it improve the efficiency of the company? How important is fleet tracking nowadays? The answers to all these questions will be discussed here. 

What is Fleet Tracking? 

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Satellites have paved the way for this fleet tracking facility. Fleet tracking involves tracking information on vehicles with the help of a satellite. The information is through the technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Although other technologies like the Global Navigation Satellite System are present, the GPS technology is more prominent.

The information includes, 

  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine status
  • Driver ID and details
  • Live location of the vehicle 

Tracking of vehicles without prior information is a punishable offence. Fleet tracking devices are installed in the vehicles with the consent of owners and drivers. The data collected must be securely stored and provided to the law enforcement authority with a necessary warrant. 

Why is the management of Fleet tracking necessary?

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Management of fleets can provide huge benefits to the company. Some of them can be,

  • It reduces operating expenses on the fleet based on the tracking. 
  • Managing fleets aids in assigning new tasks to the fleet.
  • It provides insights to fuel consumption and minimization.
  • It brings automatic vehicle management and reduces manual labor. 
  • Reduction in time consumption of managing the fleets. 

Management of fleets leads to an increase in efficiency. Fleet tracking management prevents the theft of goods from the fleet. 

Fleet tracking and management app

A fleet tracking and management app can ceaselessly analyze the location of the fleet. It may also provide vehicle information and insights to improve productivity. A logistics company may get to know the status of the goods in the fleet through the app. Apps like Uber and Lyft use these tracking to assign drivers with new rides in the nearby locality of the driver. A ready-made app solution like Uber clone app for fleet tracking and management is the need of the hour.  Before developing a fleet management app, knowing the essential features of the app is important. 

Essential Features of the App

Real-time location: The app must track the real-time location of the fleet. 

Vehicle Information: The app must collect vehicle information like fuel indicator, engine status, vehicle number, etc. 

Driver ID: The app must indicate the information of the driver riding the fleet. 

Notifications: The app provides notifications to activities like vehicle starting and halting. 

Fleet history: The app contains the entire history of the fleet. The app must have the facility to view and export it. 

Fuel stations: The apps may indicate fuel stations to the drivers based on GPS technology. The driver needn’t wander around looking for fuel stations. 

Advanced Features of the App

Power take-off:  The feature provides insights about the efficiency of the driver. The efficiency is calculated based on the duration of travel, the fuel consumption of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle. 

Panic button: Drivers can notify the company or owner instantly with this panic button. In case of a theft or an undesirable vehicle breakdown, the panic button can notify the company. 

Fuel management tips: The app can provide quality tips for fuel management. Tips are given on vehicle speed, engine load capacities, etc.  

Vehicle Overview: This app can provide a complete overview of the different fleets travelling at different locations. In a company where 50-100 fleets are present, this feature can be God’s view option. 

Geo-fences: Geo-fences are geographically active areas that the fleet can travel to. If a fleet crosses the geo-fence, the company receives alarms through the app. 

Importance of Fleet tracking through apps

Fuel and labour minimization: The fleet tracking through apps reduces the task of spreadsheets and supervisor surveillance of the vehicle. Moreover, fuel minimization is possible by taking the shortest possible route to the destination. By gathering data regarding vehicle speed and engine load, fuel can be minimized by necessary actions. 

Safety: Any company considers safety as it’s paramount importance. The fleet tracking management app can increase the safety of drivers. It provides the drivers with accurate data regarding the directions towards the destination. The panic button can provide instant notifications to the organization. The theft of goods is eliminated as well. The GPS technology can provide satellite images of the fleet as well. 

Efficiency improvement: Company management finds fleet tracking through apps more organized and routine than supervisors. This improves the efficiency of the company. During unpleasant weather conditions, the drivers can be rerouted instantly providing them with shortest routes. This increases the productivity of the drivers.  

Streamlined communication: The fleet tracking and management app provides a streamlined communication flow between fleet drivers and managers. Messages are direct and spontaneous on either side.  


Developing a fleet management app and tracking the vehicles through apps is time conserving. Monitoring vehicle activities through the app reduces manpower. Moreover, continuous surveillance is possible. These apps have greater visibility and control within reach. It is super simple for managers to track the fleet and to provide messages through the app. It is high time companies start using this advanced technology to track and monitor fleets.

Customers can be intimated the exact time the goods may reach their destination with the help of a time estimator available in the app. Maintenance issues are addressed as quickly as possible. A complete 360-degree view of happenings can prove vital for a manager. These apps have provided a path of improvement of the organization towards a better fulfilment of customer satisfaction. Conquer this fast-moving world by tracking movements on the go! 

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