Different Roofing Ideas to Redefine Your Entire House Décor

When it comes to decorating our house, we always think about the furniture, the wall hangings, the electronic system, etc. But we rarely consider the roofing part of the house. But reality is that the roof of the house can be decorated or created in different ways which will add value to your other furniture.

Below are some tips which can be used while working on the roof:

  1. Green roofs: Green roof is an idea of placing your garden on the top of your roof. Also, they are low maintenance. The only thing you need to do is plant your plants on shallow places. Now choose the plants that you find to be the most attractive.
  2. Metal roof: Metal is one of the most popular options, when it comes to roofing. Metal is considered to be light material and is easy to handle. Installation of metal roofs is also quite easier than the other.
  3. Wooden roof: Roofs are costlier affair. The classier the roof you want the more is the price. The better option on this is use of less treated wood. These woods are available directly from nature and less expensive than the normal wood.
  4. Corrugated iron roofs: Corrugated iron roofs are made of corrugated sheets which are made with fiber cement and corrugated roof sheets. These are high in strength because they have reinforcing strips that are inserted polypropylene along the length of the blade. Such materials are very strong, durable and have great visual appeal on the facades.
  5. Galvanized iron roofs: These are made up of polished and galvanized steel and they are an excellent alternative for installation on the roofs due to many advantages that they provide. These are very tough, durable, and insulate solar rays of up to 95% and reduce external sounds. These can also be easily installed and handled.
  6. Slate roof: These are made up of fine-grained metamorphic rock which is derived from a sedentary rock. The board’s shape is usually smooth or flat stone and can be used for roofing, tiles and other purposes. They are available in pale, purple, green or blue-green colors. It is preferred as it is tough, and durable.Roofing (2)
  7. Rambling Ranch: This are sloping roofs usually installed on ranch houses in order to make the rooftop less noticeable. It is easy to select the color and material in this type.
  8. Tile roofs: These roofs are made up of tiles. Tiles will keep you home cool in the hot summer days. It is considered to be quite expensive but it last for long.
  9. Pure Traditional: This is a type wherein the roof is designed with brick siding and dark shutters. These wood shingle roofs have weathered to pleasant shades of gray and are thick enough to cast shadows, creating a subtle but attractive repetition of the home’s classic lines.
  10. Asphalt Shingles: These can be easily installed and maintained. These are available in wide variety of colors and work great on sloped roofs, single homes, and residential buildings.
  11. Solar Shingles: It is a combination of the idea of a solar panel and roofing material. In this type Solar panel combines the benefits of solar power energy with the reliability of traditional roof shingles.
  12. Standing Seam Roofing: This type of metal roofing is made of vertical panels with two seams per panel that stand up vertically. These are used to about 18 to 24 inches wide when finished running parallel to the slope of the roof.
  13. Single-ply roofing: This is a type wherein roofs are made up of Thermosets and Thermoplastics. This provides a great flexibility and they are also resistant to UV radiation.

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