Different Types Of Awnings

An awning is an extension of the shade that is over your window. Natural light may be good for your house, but an excess amount of it may be a cause of annoyance. While the main purpose of awnings is to obstruct the entrance of light, it is also a visual treat to the eyes. Markiiside müük includes a variety of awnings. 


Types of awnings


Patio awnings

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These types of awnings are hung over patios. They are attached to the wall and extend over an outdoor area, preferably a smoking area, and are usually installed to expand the indoor area. 


Patio awnings give you the advantage of being away from the four walls of a room, while also being protected from the sun. You can enjoy your terrace even on a hot summer’s day under the shade of your patio awning. 

Pergola awnings

The pergola awnings are similar to the patio ones because they are also built over an outdoor area. The additional advantage happens to be that they can be opened and closed at will. They also have extra front support posts. 


They have been in use for a long time, and their aesthetic beauty has increased with time. They can be decorated with house plants and other decorative ornaments of your choosing. They can withstand extreme weather conditions while also providing you with the opportunity of being in the open air under a protective shade. 

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Freestanding awnings

Unlike pergola awnings, freestanding ones don’t have posts supporting them. They are, as their name suggests, standalone awnings and they span over larger areas, like open-air restaurants, pools, etc. 


They are extremely convenient because they can be carried from place to place and can be set up in different places. 

Conservatory awnings

These awnings are fitted over or under existing glass roofs. This ensures that the sunlight gets blocked even before touching the glass, resulting in protection from high temperatures. The cool atmosphere makes the entire glass conservatory very comfortable to be in. 


The quality of the conservatory awnings protects from wind and other extreme weather conditions, while also making sure that it fulfills the aesthetic quotient. 

Vertical Awnings

They are fitted at an angle that gives more shading and privacy to the area under them. They can be opened and closed at will. The angle of construction of the awning also prevents the collection of rainwater. 


Vertical awnings can be made according to your taste. The fabric it is made with can be chosen in a way that the awning blends with the rest of the house, or it could stand out with the house as the backdrop. 

Domestic and commercial awnings

Awnings can be used in home environments, as well as commercial gatherings. Their ability to provide a bit of shade and withstand weather changes makes them quite popular. 


Domestic awnings are usually made up of medium-grade aluminum with a fabric of vibrant color that brings out the color of the house. On the other hand, commercial awnings are made with weather-resistant steel and water-resistant canvas.  A dark solid color is usually chosen for the fabric. 


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