What Are The Different Types Of Pallet Racking Systems Available In The Market

Selecting the right pallet racking unit can make a big difference as far as your business bottom line is concerned. A well-crafted system can certainly boost output, increase warehouse storage area by forty per cent or more, and help your business to adapt to the changing inventory requirements. In this post, you are going to find some valuable info regarding the common types of pallet racking systems available & the best application for each.

Selective Pallet Rack:
Selecting pallet racks are the most popular & flexible pallet racking unit available in the market. It offers proficient use of spaces & instant access to each load kept using any kind of forklift. This kind of rack is accessible in debris-resistant, easy to clean structural steel perfect for food handling businesses.

Double Deep Racks:
These types of racks are made by placing one row of selective racking behind the other. This is the most affordable way to avail high-density storage as it can boost storage capacity by 40 per cent.
It is highly recommended for general warehousing and manufacturing!

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Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack:
Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack needs fewer aisles so you will have the luxury to store nearly 75 per cent more pallets than conventional racks. Forklifts drive directly into the racks which can go 6 or more pallets deep. Drive-in Racks employs a standard entry/exist, whereas Drive-Thru Rack possesses a detached entry & exit.
It is recommended for large-volume storage of similar products, general warehousing, freezer/cooler and high-turnover retail products!

Cantilever Rack:
With no upright aisles to block the use of flat space, Cantilever racks are perfect for keeping heavy items such as furniture, carpet rolls, tubing, tires, lumber, textiles, piping, and similar items.

Pallet flow racking:
Also known as gravity flow racks, pallet flow racks use sloping racks and a FIFO loading system. New pallets are removed at the lower end and added at the higher end. This type of rack can actually double storage capacity compared to conventional pallet racking unit and is perfect for food distribution centres, freezer warehouses, and storage of high volume unpreserved consumer goods.

Hopefully, now you have an excellent idea on the different type of pallet racking systems available in the market(www.readyrack.net.au). Depending on your business type and storing needs, you can invest in the best pallet racking unit out there. However, do assess your needs and budget before investing in one.

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