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The first impression is decisive. With a well-thought-out customer journey and rock-solid design, we ensure that your customer is wildly enthusiastic.

Developing web design for websites

In the web design phase we will work on the ‘lay out’ of your website. We create designs that match the branding of your company. In addition, our web designers do everything they can to ensure that you as a visitor can easily navigate through the website. The design phase therefore connects seamlessly with the first phase in which the digital strategy was devised. We are the web design agency that looks beyond the look & feel.

How do we arrive at the right design?

Where we outline the necessary paths in the strategy, we give this a face in the web design with .aleph website phase; a digital experience based on a unique appearance and user-friendliness.

Regardless of which company we work for, the customer is always central. With a consistent brand experience you create a smooth interaction between interface and end user, which ultimately leads to more conversion. 

1. Research & Inspiration

Before anything is even drawn up, we always start with an investigation. Get inspired to define a direction for the overall look & feel but also see how the competitor is doing.

2. Wireframing & Concepting

Depending on the type and size of the project, we work out wireframes. The appearance is not yet looked at, but the focus is mainly on elaborating the visitor journey. How will everything function, in what way are all the pages arranged and how do we connect them to each other to guide the user through this in a smooth manner? If you make your small business website then you should know about aleph website

3. User Interface Design & Interaction

The digital journey is developed into a fully-fledged experience, in which the branding is interwoven down to the level of detail. In addition to a strong and consistent elaboration of the design, we also bring it to life through interactions. 

The more naturally the website “communicates” with the user, the better the experience. Less is more, but the eye also wants something. We always look for the right combination between user-friendliness and aesthetic value without it getting in each other’s way.

4. Design System

Everything we develop ultimately contributes to the design system: an organic library of building blocks that forms the basis for all digital expressions. We enrich this with guidelines, principles and documentation to ensure a consistent brand experience. Using the design system, we not only create scalable websites, but we also design standards for social expressions, digital presentations, infographics and other content expressions.

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