DNF Duel – Grand Stability Patch is Are living Buffs Dodging, Guard Gauge, and A lot more

DNF Duel

The Grand Balance Patch for DNF Duel is now readily available, bringing sweeping adjustments to the core gameplay mechanics and each and every character. Really a lot everyone’s HP and Guard Gauge has been enhanced, and Dodge now has reduced recovery although giving fast Invulnerability on activation, which is helpful when dealing with projectile attacks.

Some character changes incorporate Berserker now currently being equipped to recuperate HP with present white damage intact, earning it simpler to comply with up with Frenzy through Awakening. Vanguard can now abide by up Brandish with a further assault and has increased attack interruptions. Striker’s Mountain Pusher tends to make her invulnerable from projectiles, even though Shadowless Kick can immobilize opponents.

Check out some of the patch notes under and the full notes here. DNF Duel is out there for PS4, PS5, and Computer system, with a Nintendo Switch model out on April 20th, 2023. The to start with Period Go is also out subsequent calendar year, adding Spectre and 4 other new figures to the roster.

[Ver.1.09] Patch Notes

  • Dodge – Minimized the restoration. Moved up the activation timing for Invulnerability in opposition to hits, effective right away on performing the skill. Moved up the activation timing for Invulnerability against Projectiles, successful immediately on activating the ability.
  • Guard Cancel Assault – Modified the recovery on oneself/stun on the opponent to decrease the strike/guard frame gaps.
  • Airborne MS capabilities – Modified to experience the opponent right away following undertaking the ability.


  • HP – Improved to 980 from 950.
  • Guard Gauge – Elevated to 1200 from 1050.
  • Awakening Impact – Altered to recuperate HP with the present White Harm intact. (Just before: Recovered the present White Existence initial.) Added ‘Attack Increase’ influence. Extra ‘White Daily life Harm on Block (Chip Hurt) Increase’ result.
  • Leaping A – Greater hit stun.
  • Ghost Slash – Expanded the hitbox. Improved the knockdown time for hit when airborne.
  • Upward Slash – Can be bounce canceled on strike.
  • Ashe Fork – The 2nd hit can connect from knocked down opponents.
  • Gore Cross: Expulsion – Decreased the restoration.
  • Raging Fury (Common/through Frenzy) – The previous strike launches the opponent better.
  • Bloodlust (Standard) – Decreased the restoration on strike. Elevated the knockdown time.
  • Bloodlust (during Frenzy) – Diminished the recovery upon hit. Elevated the knockdown time.


  • HP – Greater to 1100 from 1000.
  • Guard Gauge – Elevated to 1200 from 1050.
  • Awakening Impact – Included ‘Attack Increase’ result. Added ‘White Daily life Destruction on Block (Chip Problems) Increase’ effect.
  • Crouching Guard – Diminished the hurtbox.
  • Common B – Lowered the recovery. Can link towards knocked down opponents.
  • Crouching B – Lowered the recovery.
  • Cleave: Upper – Can be leap canceled.
  • Brandish – Can be immediately followed-up by ‘Inferno Charge’, ‘Crescent Slash’ and ‘Behead’ upon activating the skill. ※ Attainable even on whiff
  • Inferno Demand – Lessened the recovery. Decreased the start-up for Invulnerability from Projectiles.
  • Behead -Diminished the recovery.
  • Earthshatter – Decreased the recovery. Expanded the knockback vary of the next hit. Wall bounces the opponent on the 2nd hit.
  • Devastate – Lessened the restoration. Taken off the higher physique hurtbox all through the spinning move on activating the ability. Lessened the start-up of the past hit. Expanded the hitbox of the previous hit. The previous strike launches the opponent larger. Greater block stun of the last hit. Amplified the guardback of the final strike.
  • Lunge Strike – Expanded the hitbox.
  • Doom Glaive – Expanded the hitbox of the initial strike. Amplified the block stun of the 1st strike. Can be sprint canceled on strike.


  • HP – Elevated to 950 from 900.
  • Guard Gauge – Greater to 1150 from 1000.
  • Awakening Outcome – Extra ‘Guard Gauge Hurt Increase’ effect.
  • Added ‘White Life Injury on Block (Chip Destruction) Increase’ effect.
  • Crushing Fist – Can be canceled with several MP skills. ※ Achievable even on whiff
  • Minimal Kick – Lessened the restoration.
  • Air Stroll – The opponent bounces off the floor more difficult when hit though airborne.
  • Shadowless Kick – Can be jump canceled upon the third strike. Reduced the knockback array.
  • Mountain Pusher – Can be sprint canceled upon hit.
  • Just one Inch Punch – Can be sprint canceled.

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