Do you accept guest posts on your blog?

Must be! If you accept guest posts on your blog, this is a great way to connect, make new friends, discover your blog, and even better, help a new blogger!

I know there’s a lot of talk about how to publish a guest post. But is it really? I do not think so.

I got a little more traffic to one of my blogs, Buzz Party Ideas, and one of the things that helped me get some of the most-needed elements was accepting guest posts.

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Just this week, I had two new bloggers and owners of small companies sending me articles posted on my blog. Both were very important articles that benefited my reading while they helped another blogger.

In my opinion, when you run a blog and start getting a little traffic, accepting articles from other bloggers really helps in creating your blog too. What?

Your guest author will share your blog with their social networks, so your blog is now more exposed.

You’ll start to notice as someone who helps other bloggers. While her blog gets some backlinks from your blog, you’ll also get backlinks and more traffic because it shares your blog’s link with her network.

You get original content without having to write it yourself.

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You can build a depth in your blog by adding different and different views from different authors.

You’ll get help from new bloggers by giving them space to express their creativity.

I accept guest posts on all my blog for all these reasons. I have noticed an increase in traffic to them, almost on autopilot. There are a lot of new blogs being launched daily, and the only thing they still learn is the terms “send a guest publication” or “accept guest publications”.

If you’re in a specific place, and if you’re open to the idea of ​​allowing others to provide content for your blog, you’re setting up a profit for yourself and for other bloggers.

How to Accept Guest Posts

What I did was set up a page for people to submit their articles. Lists what I am looking for and certain criteria must be met for each submission.

So read the page:

We accept our blog posts. Before sending your post:

Learn about our blog, content and categories;

Entries must not be less than 400 words;

Entries must be submitted as TEXT files, please (* .txt);

Entries must be correct and grammatically written in English;

Please include your full name, blog or business name in the deployment line;

You can include two links back to your blog or store – as long as they are relevant to this blog. Just use common sense, please!

All posts will be manually reviewed and posted to within 24 to 48 hours. Keep the right to make any unnecessary adjustments as needed (spell check, grammar, punctuation) before posting and publish them in the category that the article fits.

Be sure to bookmark this blog and check back again for new posts!

While you’re here, review and leave comments on other posts – share this blog with your friends and readers as well!

thank you!

Send your paid guest post with this form.

Then add a contact form that lets them attach their article.

I do not post a guest to other blogs; when I write an original article, this is my own blog. But accepting guest posts keeps my blogs active and up-to-date without having to write every publication!

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