Does Alkaline Herb Reduce Inflammation?

The human body has surprising ways of curing and healing itself from the harshness of its environment and social lifestyle. One of these is the power of inflammation in responding to every pain and injury it endures. Moreover, it helps the natural ways of healing and repairing process of the body.

Despite how this process helped the body, too much of it can lead to various health risks. According to  Alkaline Naturals, multiple factors like pollution and stress can cause chronic inflammation. The alkaline diet is said to be one way to reduce too much swelling to the system.

Can Alkaline Herb Reduce Inflammation?

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Besides stress and the environment, some foods can cause chronic inflammation because of being acidic, affecting the body’s pH levels.  Once the body tissues become acidic, it draws minerals like calcium and potassium from bones and tissues. It also attempts to block its safeguarding the body from many acids and restoring the body to its alkaline state. With this, people with alkaline bodies are more active since they can endure pains better than people with acidic body state.

Alkaline Herbs that Reduce Inflammation

Too much inflammation is something that shouldn’t be accepted in daily living. Fortunately, some herbs will aid any person to lessen and even prevent inflammation in the body system.


Yellow pigment curcumin is the turmeric’s secret as being an anti-inflammatory alkaline herb. Besides decreasing inflammation, this also treats digestive wounds, infections, and disorders.

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White Willow Bark

Another fantastic herb, the white willow bark has been with the Egyptians and Romans as a cure for chronic inflammation and other pain problems. Recent studies proved that this herb has a comparable effect to aspirin, a known pain reliever. However, the white willow bark has fewer side effects than aspirin.

Chili Peppers

Besides giving a stronger flavor and spice to any dish, chili peppers have various benefits to health. Its capsaicin, a chemical which makes chili peppers hot and spicy, is the same chemical that gives anti-inflammatory property to this herb.

Black pepper

Another excellent ingredient in various dishes, the black pepper can be accountable for inflammation and pain problems. The chemical piperine not only makes black pepper to produce strong flavor but also as an anti-inflammatory agent. Even at small dosages, black pepper can contribute to inflammation problems and suppress the perception of pain. It can also lessen the intense symptoms of arthritis.  

Cat’s Claw

An herb native in Peru, the cat’s claw has been traditionally used to treat different health concerns like arthritis and intestinal problems. Some studies show that this herb can lessen inflammation responses in the body system. Moreover, it also has a protective effect against gastrointestinal inflammation.


Another exceptional ingredient, ginger has also been used as herbal medicine because of the benefits it can give to the body. Some researchers discovered that ginger has a better therapeutic effect than NSAIDs used to treat pain and inflammation. Also, it can inhibit gene activations that are usually involved in inflammatory responses to the body system. 

An unhealthy inflammation increase can cause various problems in our health. With a diet that consists of consuming alkaline-rich foods, it will surely keep inflammation always in moderation.  

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