Does Bayonetta 3 Star An Alternate Cereza? Platinum Responds To The Well known Lover Theory

When Bayonetta 3’s very first gameplay trailer strike very last calendar year, her new braided hairstyle caught the attention of fans for its resemblance to the glance of Cereza, the tiny female who tagged together with players in the very first game. Spoiler for Bayonetta 1: Cereza is the boy or girl model of Bayonetta, so potentially our hero simply preferred to return to her adolescent roots. Having said that, the third game’s concentrate on the multiverse has prompted some followers to consider a extra tantalizing concept. 

1st, to deliver some context, here’s a (fairly) quick refresher of Bayonetta’s backstory for newcomers or lapsed enthusiasts. 5 hundred years prior to the situations of the initial match, Bayonetta, whose genuine identify is Cereza, was born the boy or girl of an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage. Given that the light-weight-worshipping Sages have been rivals to the darkness-wielding witches, this was considered as a forbidden union. Cereza’s mother, Rosa, was imprisoned as a end result. Consequently, the witches treated Cereza as an outcast during her childhood and originally banned her from understanding magic (but she does in any case), although Rosa does her best to elevate Cereza irrespective. 

A younger Jeanne was the only witch who showed any genuine kindness to Cereza, befriending her and forming a lifelong bond. Twenty years later, the witch hunts that led to the Umbran order’s destruction commenced. Jeanne is chosen to direct the coven into fight, and she chooses to duel Cereza as a remaining take a look at of her skills (a great deal to the Umbran elders’ chagrin). Angels assault the witches through this duel, and Rosa is killed. This reduction causes Cereza to reduce her will to struggle. To protect Cereza, Jeanne seals her absent at the bottom of a lake, sparing Cereza from the Umbran order’s extinction. Centuries later, Cereza awakens in the fashionable working day with her memory wiped, like her accurate title, which is why she adopts the Bayonetta alias.

Younger Cereza and Bayonetta in the initially activity.

As the story of Bayonetta 1 unfolds, she encounters a little one edition of herself. Neither recognizes the other owing to Bayonetta’s amnesia and younger Cereza believing adult Bayo is their mom, owing to the resemblance. They tag alongside for most of the match, and it is later discovered that little Cereza was plucked from the past and introduced to the current by their father and the game’s villain, Baldur. We’ll skip more than Baldur’s purpose for undertaking this (it is really a ton), but the sport concludes with boy or girl Cereza being returned to her proper timeline.

However, this act makes a new parallel universe where by the the moment lonely and shy Cereza, now having knowledgeable the love and bravery of her more mature self, gains the self esteem to fight back through the witch hunts. Since she participates in the fight, Jeanne hardly ever seals her away, and the pair control to fend off their attackers. There are some other significant factors at perform below (such as the Still left Eye of Darkness), but which is the most important gist of the tale. 

Now, all of that has led fans to speculate that the witch we’re enjoying as in Bayonetta 3 is this alternate model of Cereza and not “prime” Bayonetta. So which witch are we finding? When I asked director Yusuke Miyata, he was cagey about offering an reply.

“I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is a grown-up edition of Cereza,” states Miyata. “Since this sport includes the multiverse concept, she could be Bayonetta from an alternate universe who takes place to search just like Cereza, or it could be the developed-up Cereza. I’d like to depart this up to players’ imaginations as they take pleasure in the recreation.”

So there you have it. Although it may possibly not be a concrete answer, the actuality that Miyata didn’t shut this rumor down outright suggests admirers who believe that in it can keep the hope alive. Or, at the extremely least, we’re still actively playing as the Bayonetta we know and really like, and Miyata doesn’t want to rain on players’ parades. It really is pleasurable to see Platinum formally accept this concept, if nothing else. 

Do you think the alternative Cereza concept holds any water? Share your conspiracy feelings down in the feedback. 

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