Does brain surgery change your personality?

Brain surgery or neurosurgery is a medical specialty that is related to the diagnosis, prevention, surgeries, and also rehabilitation of disorders that can affect the nervous system. 

Brain surgery is done to remove brain tumors, drain accumulated blood and fluid, remove problematic brain tissues, and many more. For best suggestions, one can contact the best neurology hospital in bangalore.

However, even after the successful completion of your brain surgery, you’ll need to be monitored closely for any changes or uneasiness. This has to be done through some periodic follow-ups, according to the type and seriousness of your brain surgery.

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Another important fact is that the brain problem and its treatment do leave in the patient some changes at the physical and emotional level. After the long and tough diagnosis and treatment process, it’s natural that you may not have the same feelings.

There are some changes that can be experienced in the behavioral pattern and also in the thinking process in many patients during or after the completion of brain surgery.

However, the amount of changes in personality differs from one patient to another. Some of those differences are not clearly noticeable, others are very mild, and some can be really dramatic, such as depression or abusive behavior. For best ideas regarding these, you may contact the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore.


What are the factors in the change of personality?

Swelling in the brain

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A reason for personality changes is if there is swelling in the brain that is edema. This can be the result of the tumor or its treatment, including brain surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Swelling that happens as a result of the treatment usually passes slowly as you recover. So, the personality changes will also pass when the problem of swelling does.

The tumor’s location

As the brain tumor increases, it puts much pressure on the other healthy brain cells that are situated around it. This can easily affect the function or part of the body that is mainly controlled by that specific area of the brain. 

Personality changes are a very common incident when a tumor is situated in the frontal lobe, which is responsible for controlling your personality and emotions. 

It also can control your power to monitor your behavior and restrain yourself, so tumors that may develop in the frontal lobe can easily cause some behavior that may be considered socially inappropriate.

Psychological impact

These are the specific changes in personality that are not directly related to medicine and may occur from the time when the patient faced the confirmation of having a brain tumor. Emotions go uncontrolled and can easily result in weeping for hours, extreme anger, extensive depression, and laughing at some things that are not funny.

Memory loss

Some biological therapies have proved some changes like reduced motor skills, memory decline, reduced reasoning ability, and also some mood disturbances. For best suggestions, consult the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore.

Use of medication

Drug usage, such as strong chemotherapy drugs, may cause problems like speech slurring, confusion, impairments in gait, and also extra drowsiness. Lack of sleep and uncontrolled aggression can also be observed sometimes as a result of using strong drugs.



Many brain tumor patients show signs that are the result of depression, especially post-surgery.

Thus, brain surgery and its strong medication can easily affect the personality of the patients. For the best treatments, it is better to contact the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore.

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