Do’s & Don’ts Checklist For SSC MTS Preparation

SSC MTS Exam is a non-technical examination conducted annually by the Staff Selection Commission. Aspirants who have cleared their 10th board exam can appear for SSC Multi Tasking Staff examination.

The commission has released the exam notification for SSC MTS 2020 on February 5th 2021. Aspiring candidates filled the application form for MTS 2020 till March 21st 2021. Applicants of SSC Multitasking staff Exam 202 can check the dates and details regarding SSC MTS Admit card on the linked page.

Since the minimum age limit to appear for the MTS exam is only 18 years, the number of applicants for the exam sees an upward trend with each passing year and so is the competition level.

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With the increasing Competition it is important for MTS applicants to start early with the exam preparation and in a planned and strategized manner. Hence, we have come up with a few Do’s and don’ts that aspirants need to bear in mind for SSC MTS Preparation.

Do’s and Don’ts for MTS Exam Prep

Lest Start with the Do’s first…

  1. Being thorough with the syllabus – it is very important that you are well aware of the ins and outs of the syllabus for the exam you are preparing. Knowing the syllabus helps to sort the subject based on their intricacy and lead the preparation accordingly.
  2. Have a proper study time table – Preparing for the MTS exam by properly allocating time to each and every topic or subject will help you cover the whole syllabus much ahead of time, provided you have a proper study schedule to follow on a daily basis. Before starting the preparation, ensure that you carefully examine the syllabus and exam pattern to avoid any last minute panic. Hence, to start early and finish up early, chart out a study plan that suits your routine.
  3. Prepare your own notes and flashcards – While studying it is really helpful to keep a note of important pointers, facts, information simultaneously. Also keep making flashcards for formulae, important dates, short cuts, mnemonics, etc. All these will help you to go through the relevant details at a quick glance which you might otherwise skip if short of time.
  4. Doing Revision – It is always advised that one should start with the revision of all that is studied at least one to two months before the exam. Revision helps to boost confidence and also there is scope to by heart difficult things that you forget easily. So, completely avoid learning new topics a few days/weeks before the exam. The last one month before the paper must completely be devoted to revision and solving as many questions as possible. Picking up new topics one month before the exam may become a cause of confusion and stress.
  5. Keeping healthy and confident – It is extremely important to take care of your health along with the studies. Always prepare with a free mind and ensure that you do not over-pressurize yourself. This will lead to panic and stress which will ultimately affect your performance in the exam. Getting enough food, sleep, and exercise while you are studying will keep you motivated and energized to do more.

Now let’s take a look at the things that you should Not Do while doing preparations-


  1. Not following a Fixed Strategy – With multiple subjects included in the MTS syllabus, and various topics under each of them, having a proper study plan and strategy for exam preparation is a must. Haphazard manner of preparation may only lead to confusion and you may end up losing your progress.
  2. Not keeping track of Time- Not only SSC MTS but any competitive exams can only be qualified if you know how to manage time well. Time management is important be it during the preparation or while in the examination hall.
  3. Focussing on Result – It is a general tendency of candidates to focus more on what the outcome will be, because of which they are not able to pay complete attention to their preparation and constantly worry about the result. This is one of the main reasons for candidates to panic during the examination.
  4. Not taking Previous Year Paper Seriously- When you review previous year question papers in a detailed manner you have a better understanding of the common topics from which questions may be asked and the pattern in which they may be asked. Hence going through previous years question papers casually will not be much beneficial.
  5. Skipping Mock Tests – Solving mock tests based on the set exam pattern helps candidates face the exam-like environment and understand which sections are their weakness and which ones their strengths
  6. Not Practising Topic-wise Questions – At times one may think that understanding the concept is sufficient to answer the questions, but this is not true. Practising them will increase the calculative speed of the candidate and also help them apprehend the types of questions which may be asked from each topic
  7. Becoming a BookWorm – The number of hours devoted for preparation do not count if they are not constructive. Thus, one must not study continuously for hours and looks for things and options that can keep them and their mind fresh and active.

Keep the above do’s and don’ts checklist in mind while you do your preparation for SSC MTS. Ultimately it is the candidate’s hard work and efforts which can help them crack the exam and have a good career to which there is no shortcut to achieve it.

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