Dragon Quest Treasures Review: A Youthful Adventure

Dragon Quest Treasures is an offshoot experience of Dragon Quest XI, concentrating on the kid versions of two characters from the considerably-beloved JRPG. Using the roles of young aspiring treasure looking twins, Erik and Mia, Treasures undoubtedly feels aimed at more youthful gamers in the exact vein as Monster Hunter Tales. It’s shiny and vibrant and has a good deal to do, but it simplifies many of the features of JRPGs to make it more available.

At the start, the twins are aboard a Viking ship exactly where they stumble upon two mysterious magical creatures. Hijinks ensue, they free the creatures, find out magical daggers, and obtain on their own in a strange floating island chain identified as Draconia. This series of islands (shaped, of course, like a huge dragon) is chock complete of hidden treasures to discover, hence starting the twin’s quest to become legendary treasure hunters.

The twins come across other treasure searching groups to compete with, an array of monsters, and friendly beings who just want to give them quests or promote them stuff. Their hub and base is a central practice station island that can reach the other islands, and it really is the place they horde their loot, employ the service of new monsters to the team, insert facilities, and gain accessibility to other side pursuits. 

Graphic by way of Square Enix

As you journey across the islands of Draconia, two things to do in individual arrive to the forefront: treasure hunting and monster recruiting. Treasures plays out totally in genuine-time, even the combat, and the landscapes brim with monsters to fight. In a extremely Pokemon-like go, even so, you do not just struggle them your self. Rather, the team of three monsters you have recruited and picked out does most of the large lifting in combat.

To recruit a monster, you need to initially use the twin’s sling to strike it with a “buddy” shot, then defeat it in overcome. This certain ammo raises the likelihood that individual monster will turn into welcoming (right after defeating it) and thus recruitable back again on the base. Fight alone is largely automated. The monsters on your workforce immediately assault other nearby monsters and are frequently substantially more efficient at monster killing than you are. 

The twins engage in identically and can assault with their dagger or shoot a range of different ammunition from their sling. Some are spiky balls, other individuals elemental-dependent attacks. There are healing photographs as perfectly, to shoot at your teammates when they are damage. The only instructions you can difficulty to your team monsters are “go ahead” or “circle all-around you”. 

Each individual monster also has a special move or means that can assist achieve new regions of the map. Slimes, for instance, can bounce you up to a significant ledge, and bats can allow you glide securely from a substantial issue. Monsters can also help conduct tremendous moves with the twins for additional effective attacks.

Picture by using Square Enix

The twins can summon a compass to level them in the direction of nearby treasure, far too. When you get shut ample, just about every monster delivers a magical snapshot clue to the concealed treasure. Each individual monster’s picture demonstrates the region with the treasure from a various angle, so you’ll have to seek out the correct spot by recognizing landmarks like trees or properties. When you get shut enough, the ground glows, so you know particularly where by to dig.

You can only have a limited amount of treasures at a time even though, guaranteeing regular visits again to base to unload them. The a lot more treasure you uncover, the better your treasure hunter ranking and a lot more income attained. It’s a exciting continuous type of facet-questing to break up the typical fight and exploration. Whilst you’re out adventuring, you can also ship other monsters out on their have automated searching and gathering expeditions. This assists them boost in level outside of direct beat and hold required materials incoming.

Each individual island has various practice stations, as properly. The most important station for just about every gets unlocked early on, but the others on the island are unlocked by quests. These serve as superior waypoints dividing the islands up involving decreased and bigger level monster locations, whilst avoiding overt backtracking by means of areas you have currently explored.

The anime visible design and style of the game looks fantastic, with cartoonishly in depth monsters and some pretty expansive sights to traverse. The soundtrack is really Dragon Quest and fits the earth properly. 

Dragon Quest Treasures Assessment – The Base Line

Image via Square Enix


  • Appealingly brilliant cartoonish graphics.
  • Enjoyable monster catching and treasure searching gameplay.
  • A range of substantial maps to discover.
  • Group, monster-centered fight is exclusive.


  • Definitely aimed at youthful players.
  • Fight is simplistic and can get repetitive.
  • No variation involving the two major people.

Dragon Quest Treasures isn’t a substantial 100-hour epic like Dragon Quest XI. The activity can however easily occupy a pair dozen hours at minimum. The islands are substantial and hold a good deal of techniques, facet quests, and monsters to learn. It’s undoubtedly aimed at younger players to get them into JRPGs with its youthful protagonists, lovable graphics, and monster amassing gameplay, but it’s entertaining for all ages. 

[Note: Square Enix provided the copy of Dragon Quest Treasures used for this review. Featured image via Square Enix.]

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