Driving Instructor Caught Urinating On Google Maps Street View

Google Map cameras never miss anything and throughout the years they have managed to capture some of the most horrifying and hilarious things across the globe. 

Google Maps is usually used most of the time to find unique routes that would allow us to dodge the traffic, however, it has also helped thousands of people across the globe to find something hilarious and discover new things. 

This time, what a user saw was just completely unbelievable, considering that a driving instructor was caught doing something that they should never do, which is to break driving rules. 

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A Google Map Street View that was snapped showed a driving instructor relieving himself on the side of SHeppey Way, Sittingbourne in May of 2021. 

Driving Instructor Caught Urinating

The thing is, the man was caught by a google Street View camera, and now he’s viral on the internet.

This is the problem with the internet, you do one terrible thing and you get caught, the next thing you know you’re all over the internet. 

Driving Instructor Caught Urinating On Google Maps

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The good thing is that the face of this man was blurred or else he would have probably regretted everything about he did. 

What are your thoughts on the driving instructor getting caught urinating on Google Maps Street View? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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