Dying Stranding 2 Expose Trailer – What Insider secrets Does It Maintain?

After months of cryptic teases across social media, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have finally announced Dying Stranding 2. The 4-moment reveal trailer to start with broadcast at The Video game Awards 2022 sees returning figures Sam and Fragile – performed by Norman Reedus and Léa Seydoux respectively – with Troy Baker also returning along with newcomers Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna.

In fact, before the official unveiling Fanning and Kutsuna experienced been utilized earlier in a string of cryptic social media visuals, their blanked-out profiles accompanied by transient inquiries, “Where am I?” and “Who am I?” Seydoux herself was utilized in the most new put up her blanked-out facial area embossed with the words and phrases “How appear?” Genuine to Kojima’s reputation as enigmatic auteur, these who’ve viewed Death Stranding 2’s reveal trailer will have extra inquiries than answers.

Seydoux’s Fragile is the most outstanding character in the trailer, quickly triggering the strategy that she could element as a playable character. Kojima has previously subverted anticipations by switching player-people prior to, most famously putting in Raiden as player character alternatively of Snake in Steel Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. So, at this place, it would not be way too a great deal of a revelation if Fragile were being major protagonist in Loss of life Stranding’s sequel. Extra appealing is the reveal trailer’s deliberate attempts to misdirect the audience by way of subtle clues and modern timeline shifts.


Take the underground bunker scene it appears Fragile has been dwelling there with Lou for really a even though. They are signals of home everyday living: newborn toys, textbooks on cabinets, and a BB tank repurposed as a cryptobiote aquarium. Notably, Fragile’s overall body is uncovered and wanting, for absence of a better phrase, usual. Remember, Fragile ran hooded via timefall to preserve South Knot City from nuclear detonation, so her entire body showed signals of serious getting old and deterioration as a consequence. As none of this getting older is evident in the reveal trailer’s bunker scene, it’s achievable what we’re viewing is having area ahead of the functions of Death Stranding. It’s a flashback. Or perhaps it’s feasible Fragile has been granted a way to reverse the outcomes of her body’s deterioration, potentially by providing up her DOOMS ability in trade for a youthful system? Sam showing gray haired later in the trailer could be construed as the passing of time, or that by some means he’s managed to siphon existence out of himself to give to Fragile. A long shot, confident, but there’re a number of choices value ruminating on in this article. For all we know, Sam could have just been caught in timefall himself, and there’s nothing deep or meaningful about his grey hair.

There is a different refined trace in the underground bunker scene which presents us a clue that what we’re seeing isn’t using place fully in the similar timeline. As Fragile embraces Lou, the digicam cuts to Sam’s dreamcatcher perched previously mentioned the dwelling area. When Fragile begins her escape as mysterious forces get outside the house, a vast angle shot has a dreamcatcher affixed to the ceiling. Though, on nearer inspection this obviously is not the exact same dreamcatcher. Sam’s is angular whereas the dreamcatcher overseeing Fragile’s escape is spherical.

There’re additional hints this escape sequence is using spot together a distinctive timeline. For starters, repatriation technically shouldn’t be feasible following the activities of Death Stranding, since the Demise Stranding is about, and the beach locations are shut. Nonetheless, the moment Fragile is violently dismounted from her super-cool motorised unicycle we’re looking at the repatriate toddler-in-throat sequence – is this demonstrating us Fragile has died and come back again to lifestyle? Her eyes are leaking the tar-like compound which would unquestionably reveal she’s a repatriate, while it was by no means shown that she was in the initial activity. Plus, an eye’s blink afterwards and she’s quickly surrounded by flames Lou is crying then abruptly even now, probably useless. She’s then a BT absorbing into the broken BB tank-slash-cryptobiote aquarium back in the bunker. If this sequence is using location chronologically soon after the situations of Dying Stranding, then the assumption is the relationship involving the environment of the living and the realms of the lifeless has been re-set up. As it occurs, with all the phenomenon affiliated with the Loss of life Stranding it’s similarly probably this is a flashback to before the occasions of the initially match.

This total sequence possesses a dreamlike top quality even though it’s not possible to specifically guess and interpret what we’re looking at. It could even be that we’re witnessing a person of Fragile’s individual apocalyptic DOOMS nightmares. To be honest, there’s so quite a few avenues for thoughts to wander down in this briefest of sequences, and we have not even outlined the momentary glimpse of the mysterious hooded assailant pointing the pistol toward the camera.

death stranding director's cut

The scene which follows with an aged Sam along with a now suited Fragile, entire with holstered BB tank, is perhaps the most significant suggestion as to wherever the sequel’s narrative will flow. As they both of those lose tears, indicating they are in the existence of high ranges of chiralium, they notice a hulking mech arise from a lake of tar, a legless Metal Equipment REX, with Fragile indicating to Sam that it is time for him to commence a new voyage. Whilst the setting quickly evokes an enclosed desert facility, the seem style and design is distinctly maritime – seagulls and ship horns punctuate the air. Never overlook, Kojima Productions’ one particular-time code title for Dying Stranding 2 was Ocean. Does this code title have meaning? It may possibly just be that Sam will traverse overseas for this sequel – or, metaphorically, traverse the oceans of time and afterlife. Who understands? At the very the very least, this mech emerging from a lake of tar implies some type of connection to a seaside.

And that is the detail – the beach locations weren’t destroyed in Loss of life Stranding, only the connections to them have been shut. Right at the stop of the trailer, we’re questioned “should we have linked?” in identical deadpan fashion to Kojima’s social media posts. Need to the community we assisted build throughout submit-apocalyptic United states of america have been created at all? Possibly in connecting all the when isolated settlements we have inadvertently prevented Amelie from closing off her seaside, and so the consequences of the Demise Stranding however loom significant across the planet.

There is absolutely more than enough evidence in the trailer to speculate that if there are nevertheless remnants of a link involving the living and the afterlife, then there are organised forces aiming to exploit it. Early in the trailer we see a procession marching by means of a white desert. Is this mysterious organisation aiming to launch an additional extinction event? These two monolithic desert buildings search like sitting pet dogs. With Egyptology a key touchstone for Dying Stranding’s thematic cycles of daily life, dying, and afterlife, it’s most likely no coincidence people constructions are present in the trailer.

Death Stranding 2

As for who, or what, is inside the blood crimson sarcophagus, very well, it could be Amelie herself presuming this organisation have by some means recovered her from her have beach front. It could be Higgs, though his selection among death or exile at the ending in Death Stranding is under no circumstances revealed. Or, as a widespread idea that is at present circling the world-wide-web, it’s some kind of Higgs-Amelie hybrid. Choose a appear at the guitar strumming entity in direction of the trailer’s tail-conclusion. This determine bears resemblance to the two people – are they the creation of this mysterious organisation? Are they an amalgamation of Amelie’s powers and Higgs’ travel, building an unstoppable power to carry about the last stranding?

As said at this feature’s outset, Loss of life Stranding 2’s expose trailer asks much more thoughts than it provides answers. In real truth, there’s so much symbolism and hidden indicating stuffed into this four-minute trailer it’s been extremely hard to include almost everything. Kojima states he wishes supporters to concentrate on decoding and speculating on every minute detail, so hope far more theories to emerge in excess of the coming months while we wait for Kojima Productions to share additional formal data.

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