Easy And Affordable Ways To Style A Pergola

Styling your pergola might seem easy, but it could be harder than it looks, especially when it comes to tough builds that require permits. But we have tried to make it easy and affordable for you to style it.

Below are some of the easy and affordable ways to style your pergola.

1.Climbing Plants and Vines

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Climbing plants and vines are one way to take your pergola to the next level. Consider getting some fast-growing climbing plants like clematis, rose, honeysuckle, passionflower, jasmine, and grapevine. Other than giving that appealing look, these plants tend to provide shade during the summertime.

2.Construct a Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas are cheap and can take approximately two days to finish, and it immediately creates the fresh stunning look you’re looking for. With climbing plants over the wood will create a beautiful look and offer the much-needed shade. It can come in different designs and materials such as maple wood furniture, oak wood, cherry wood, pinewood, and cedarwood furniture. If you want to buy western red cedar for your Pergola or furniture, you can find a lot online, but you have to be vigilant in choosing high-quality products.

3.Quality Lighting

Hanging lights is another creative and affordable way to style your deck, an easy method to have lighting on your pergola, as for the wires; these can be built in a way that they are discrete. One can also use string lights or fairy lights that illuminate your deck thanks to the bright colors. Built-in lights are also ideal if you don’t like the look of hanging lights. Lanterns, whether portable or fixed, can provide quality lighting when used in large numbers. They are also safe in case a child comes across it.

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There are so many quality lighting ideas that you can explore, choose what complements your deck.

4.Get Some Outdoor Blinds

Who does not appreciate a bit of privacy? Outdoor blinds give you that extra privacy in your next family gathering without nosey neighbors spying. However, these blinds are more conducive for pergolas attached to the house. And if you would like to work outside, blinds also enable you to focus as it reduces distraction, offering you an extra outdoor room.

5.Adding Furniture

A pergola is not complete without some comfortable furniture. Adding a table that will hold your drinks and an ideal outdoor couch brings it all together, making your outdoor space complete for a family gathering. And the good thing, there is a wide variety of furniture to choose from. Choose furniture that is ideal for space, and remember to choose strong furniture that will withstand all weather types.

  1. A Hammock Goes a Long Way When You Want to Relax

How about getting a hammock to relax on as you read your favorite book for those lazy Sunday afternoons? It is cheap and easy to install, and they come in different colors and designs. You could get it in light clothing and supported by metal stands, or getting something authentic that is handmade or crocheted. For your hammock to remain of good quality, please don’t leave it outside without a shade.


Getting a pergola is a good investment for your backyard, it immediately illuminates your space and adds some aesthetic to your home. Be sure to properly style it and make it an inviting place for your friends and family to hang around in their next visit.

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